Manipal Hospital, Gurugram Makes Healthcare More Affordable with the Senior Citizen Card

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MH GurugramGurugram, 6th February 2024 | Making healthcare accessible and affordable for the people of Gurugram. Manipal Hospital recently launched a dedicated senior citizen card to offer exclusive healthcare benefits to individuals who are at the age of 60 and above. The card was launched during an event at Manipal Hospital, where senior citizens and heads of local RWAs were explained about the benefits of this card. The discount card aims to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, ensuring they receive quality medical care with ease.

Speaking on the launch of this card, Mr. Navin Pascal, Hospital Director, of Manipal Hospital, Gurugram, said, “With the launch of this senior citizen card, Manipal Hospital aims to make quality medical care more affordable to the elderly population. The card covers discounted prices on a range of services, including consultations, diagnostics, and pharmacy needs, ensuring they have access to comprehensive healthcare services. Our goal is to make medical care effortless for every senior citizen and foster a healthier and happier community by providing timely and adequate medical attention to all.”

Manipal Hospitals Gurugram aims to provide quality healthcare services to the people of Gurugram and nearby areas. It has been a center of excellence in healthcare services for the last 15 years. It provides cutting-edge facilities for those suffering from severe health conditions and requiring advanced treatment and surgery.