Meet Priyanka Rao, a 25-year-old Writer Balancing Work, and Studies with Pocket FM’s audio series The Return

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Priyanka Rao,In the quiet town of Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, 25-year-old Priyanka Rao’s life took an unexpected turn. With an MSc in Chemistry from Allahabad University, she seemed set for a career after landing a job with Azim Premji Social Organization in 2018. This organization aimed to enhance education in government schools and stationed her in Sirohi, Rajasthan, where she worked diligently until 2022.

But Priyanka had other dreams and wanted to study further. A chance encounter with Pocket FM through a friend changed everything. Priyanka decided to take a leap of faith, and her writing quickly evolved into a passion. In October 2022, she made a bold move, leaving her stable job to pursue writing full-time.

She shared, “I gave it a shot, as my friend Swapnil Jain suggested, and it turned out to be a delightful accident. Writing felt incredibly creative and fun for me, so that’s how my journey began. Quitting my job was a risk at first. It was a stable job in the sector with several benefits, and I had been there for four years. However, I realized that I had gathered valuable experience in that field. So, I started writing, received validation from both the team and the audience, and that gave me the motivation and guidance I needed.”

With Swapnil Jain’s guidance and Pocket FM’s support, Priyanka ventured into the world of audio series. Her debut series was well-received, and she quickly became a prominent writer on the platform. Her audio series, ‘The Return,’ gained immense popularity, ranking among the best on Pocket FM.

Reflecting on her journey, Priyanka said, “At first, grasping the audio sector on Pocket FM was challenging, but I caught up by diligently studying previous stories. I had no idea about the vast audience engagement until I discovered that even my own sister was a dedicated listener. Over time, I learned to craft compelling scenes, and meaningful conversations, find the right balance in dialogues, and create episode endings that keep listeners hooked. Understanding what the audience desires was initially tricky as a newcomer, and I used to create characters with different traits, which the team later helped me refine through experience.”

Priyanka’s hard work paid off, with her audio series “The Return” earning her the recognition she sought. She concluded, “I can confidently say that Pocket FM has greatly improved my personal life. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, allowing me to achieve a healthy work-life balance. The team’s unwavering support has been instrumental.”