Mission Swachhta Aur Paani by Harpic and News18 Network launches new cause awareness film

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New Delhi, December 29, 2023: If you leave a toilet dirty, you may get one! In an endeavor to encourage appropriate toilet behavior, Harpic and News18 Network under their flagship initiative, Mission Swachhta Aur Paani, unveiled a new cause awareness film to encourage collective responsibility towards toilets. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals of cleanliness, the film aims to instill a behavioral change – of leaving our toilets clean – and more importantly, spark mass conversations around the importance of clean and hygienic toilets.

Aligned with the Swachh Bharat Mission and Jal Jeevan Mission, Mission Swachhta Aur Paani has been a trailblazer in championing inclusive sanitation practices and advocating for appropriate toilet behavior throughout the nation. This campaign underscores a critical link between maintaining clean toilets, good hygiene, and health. Its central theme, ‘Healthy Hum Jab Saaf Rakhen Toilet Hardam,’ aims to spur a cultural shift towards sustained cleanliness.

Saurabh Jain, Regional Marketing Director- Hygiene, South Asia at Reckitt said, “Toilet habits are still evolving in our country, and brand Harpic has strived for access to clean and hygienic toilets, is taking up the challenging task of starting this conversation among Indians. Together with our partners, we are helping people adopt better sanitation and practice good hygiene habits. Aligned with Hon PM Narendra Modi’s vision of a ‘Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat Samridh Bharat’, this cause-driven awareness film will inspire people to embrace appropriate toilet behavior that is critical to the growth of our nation.”

The special film advocates for collective responsibility to prevent unhygienic toilets from becoming breeding grounds for diseases that can impact communities. The mission urges individuals to always leave the toilet clean for the next person, emphasizing that access to clean sanitation is not a privilege but a shared responsibility.

Sidharth Saini, SVP & Head of Marketing Content & Operations, News18 Studios, emphasized the film’s pivotal role, stating, “As India achieves significant strides in universal sanitation coverage, News18 Network is dedicated to driving on-ground action through Mission Swachhta Aur Paani to promote the adoption of appropriate toilet behavior. This film, symbolizing Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals, serves as a powerful call for collective responsibility in championing cleanliness. It marks a transformative moment where the film becomes a beacon, propelling conversations on cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene to the forefront of our public discourse.”

He emphasized that News18 Network’s commitment is fuelled by the understanding that the lack of such practices significantly contributes to the burden of diseases, impacting national health and impeding productivity. “The film is a call for collective responsibility to champion cleanliness. News18 Network remains dedicated to its role in nation-building, acknowledging that behavioral change is fundamental to the nation’s well-being.”

“To us, this film marks a watershed moment in India’s tryst with a new norm where cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene take center stage in our public discourse and collective consciousness,” Saini added.

In its third season, the Mission Swachhta Aur Paani initiative by Harpic and News18 Network aims to engage billions of Indians in driving behavioral change related to toilet use and maintenance across the country through on-ground partnerships. The initiative is committed to working towards raising awareness and mobilising action that ensures ‘Leaving No One Behind’ and has ignited widespread engagement and discussions nationwide about responsible toilet habits, health, hygiene, and water conservation. It has united various stakeholders, promoting a culture of maintaining clean toilets. The film represents a progressive stride, sustaining the ongoing dialogue and encouraging further action. Committed to sustainable sanitation practices and ensuring universal access to clean water, the Mission has worked on galvanizing the nation towards a future where clean and safe toilets are universally provided.