Ms. Anuja Kapur, BJP Delhi Spokesperson came forward to provide a better tomorrow for the residents of Victoria Gardens, M2K, Azadpur

Ms. Anuja Kapur, BJP Delhi Spokesperson

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15 October 2021, New Delhi: Anuja Kapur Bjp Delhi spokesperson along with Mr. Sameer Malhotra, president of Resident Welfare Association of Victoria Gardens M2K, Azadpur, organized an event on the occasion of Ram Navmi and to celebrate the eve of Dussehra. The event was curated to better understand the issues and problems faced by residents of the society and work upon them for the convenience of the residents.

Ms. Anuja Kapur, BJP Delhi Spokesperson 1

In the words of Ms. Anuja Kapur, BJP Delhi Spokesperson, “I am obliged to be a part of this reputable M2K society, where all the residents are cautiously working in solidarity towards a better tomorrow. I have affiliated with the BJP party in the same sense to help my fellow citizens towards a promising future. A future where we all are headed hand in hand. It is my humble request to all of you to come up to me with your difficulties or suggestions for the MCD, to make our neighborhood safer and better organized.“

She further concluded, “I would like to credit my husband Mr. Amit Kapur for pushing me beyond my boundaries to be the person I am today. It is only with his support, that I am here standing in front of you providing a platform to work on the problems of the common man.”