National Logistics Policy aims to bring down the cost of logistics in India: Mr. Karan Shaha, CEO & Co-founder, Vahak


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Mr. Karan Shaha, CEO & Co-founder, Vahak

‘In 2021, there have been plenty of changes witnessed by the Indian transportation sector. Even though there was no standstill disruption, there has been a lot of pressure from the markets to streamline and optimize the supply chains. Going forward, it is amply clear that there is no ‘business as usual’ return in the transportation sector. However, technology has come to the fore like never before in this segment. AI, IoT, GPS, data analytics and automation technologies are facilitating seamless single-window integration of end-to-end logistics operations, and in 2022, we will see further adoption of such technologies. Logistics marketplaces have been hugely successful in developed markets, and it is now time that the Indian trucking industry also undergoes a similar transformation. The government has already accelerated infrastructure development, and with the National Logistics Policy, the aim is to bring down the cost of logistics in India. Currently, transportation costs are approximately 14% and the target is to bring the costs down to single digits and make the Indian logistics sector compete with the best in the world. It is quite a promising situation for industry stakeholders like us and we are ready to make greater contributions in the year ahead.’