Netsurf Network launches six unique variants of Ayurveda & Herbal Green Tea under Naturamore

Netsurf Network launches six unique variants of Ayurveda & Herbal Green Tea under Naturamore

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India, 3rd November 2022: Netsurf Network, one of India’s largest direct-selling players, has recently launched an array of new herbal green teas. The ayurvedic and herbal teas by Naturamore Herbal Green Teas aim to cater to health-conscious consumers who prefer to opt for chemical-free, herbal beverages. These variants are available in six new exciting variants: Ginger & Cumin (Digestive & Detox), Tulsi & Licorice (Helps in Lung Detox), Alpinia & CO-Q10 (Rejuvenates & Energises), Ashwagandha & Lemon (De-stress & Relaxation), Brahmi & Cinnamon (Healthy for Hypertensives), and Fenugreek & Turmeric (Helps Balancing Glucose).

The India Green tea market was valued at US$ 1,247.36 Mn in 2018 and is projected to reach US$ 2,112.47 Mn by 2027; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% during 2020–2027.

Naturamore is a leading health & wellness brand by Netsurf Network launched in the year 2004. Herbal Green Teas is the latest extension of the product line by the brand.

Encased in attractive packaging, the all-new range of Netsurf Naturamore Herbal Green tea is enriched with anti-oxidants, reinvigorated with blends of traditional Ayurvedic herbs and partakes of the natural sweetness of licorice.

Each of the new flavours launched offers a unique benefit. The Ginger & Cumin green tea aids digestion and detoxifies your body. Shunthi (Ginger) extract improves hunger, digestion, and bowel movements, while Jeera (Cumin) extract improves digestion and relieves bloating and flatulence.

While Tulsi and licorice green tea aid in lung detox. Tulsi is known for its antimicrobial property. It helps fight off respiratory infections. With antioxidant, anticancer, and healing properties, it helps in faster recovery from respiratory illnesses, where as Yashtimadhu (licorice) root soothes the throat, helps heal ulcers, and clears the secretions in the airway.

Alpinia & CO-Q10 green tea rejuvenates and allows you to not compromise on your fitness. Kulanjan (Alpinia) extract improves physical strength, exercise tolerance capacity, neuromuscular function, and coordination in movements. Coenzyme Q10 is good for heart health and improves physical stamina and muscle health. The Ashwagandha & Lemon green tea is for destress & relaxation. Ashwagandha extract is popular for its positive effects of relieving stress on the mind and body. It also improves energy levels.

Brahmi & Cinnamon green tea is good for hypertensive patients. Brahmi extract relaxes the blood vessels, helps to normalize blood pressure and also improves brain function. On the other hand, dalchini (cinnamon) dilates blood vessels, reduces cholesterol and improves heart function. Last but not the least, Fenugreek and turmeric green tea help balance glucose. Methi Dana (Fenugreek) extract is known for its sugar-lowering property. Turmeric extract (with nano Curcumin) is well-known for its anti-diabetic, antimicrobial, and healing properties. It helps the body recover from damage due to high sugar levels.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Sujit Jain, MD and Chairman of Netsurf Communications Pvt. Ltd. said “We are excited to acquaint the market with our six new flavours of Naturamore herbal green tea. Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world after water, it is almost identical to our Indian culture and forms a part of our everyday consumption. Our newest range of products, Naturamore herbal green tea aims at transforming tea consumption in the country. Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique experience of their favourite beverage while also addressing their health concerns by offering a healthy tea to them.”