No Grey Area defends online freedom, privacy and more with IFF

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No Grey Area defends online freedom, privacy and more with IFF

Why should your dauntless thoughts and opinions be limited to mere discussions? Why shouldn’t we wear it out loud in the form of clothing? To break the walls of tedious designs, No Grey Area allows you to experience the world of freedom, art, and comfort. Now is the time for us to express our individuality through clothing. A brand created for trailblazers who are ready to step in this proliferating world and make the difference it longs for.

No Grey Area launches its first-ever collaboration with Internet Freedom Foundation which is an Indian non-governmental organization that conducts advocacy on digital rights and liberties.

The collaboration is all about paying heed to your prerogative which is often dusted off due to our lack of awareness. Essential topics such as digital rights, freedom of information, the right to Internet access, freedom from Internet censorship, and net neutrality will be brought under the light. This joint effort is a necessity for us to be more acquainted with what’s known to be and should be ours.

“Created for the change-makers, the thinkers, and most of all, the doers, No Grey Area, is fuelled by originality and purposeful thought,” says founder Arnav Malhotra.

Shopping and buying clothes is known to be pretty therapeutic amongst Gen Z and millennials too. It can’t get better, especially when it is done for an incredible cause. This impressive collaboration offers the merchandise release, which will include two co-branded tee shirts from the Listen to the Lies collection. The merchandise is exclusively sold on the website. All proceeds from merchandise sales will be donated towards IFF, fueling their cause towards Internet Freedom.

The brand is out here to serve the purpose of creating a change by taking a step that is bold and beautiful. To raise a question that why should craft be limited to books, walls, and galleries and why shouldn’t we human beings, be the canvas and swap the boundaries with the outburst of undaunted and valorous creativity.