Now own a share in a Global property, with an investment of just $300 onwards


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Mumbai, 1st March 2022:  Now with anyone can easily invest and own a property anywhere in the world with just $300 onwards. AqarChain is the World’s first decentralized marketplace for Real Estate NFTS. Aqarchain platform is a real estate crowdfunding investment platform. The real-world global properties are to be listed on (Currently Properties from Dubai, UAE are listed). Every listed real estate Asset is digitized by minting an NFT, This is further fractionalized into fractional tokens that represent a share in the asset and is a digital proof of ownership. will enable investors to invest in properties infractions like shares in a property. The buyer can own multiple shares in the same property and can also buy shares in different properties. This allows the buyer to easily sell his shares as per his liquidity requirements. There is no lock-in period for buyers after the property is sold out to buyers. The investor can sell his share anytime.

Commenting on this splendid opportunity Mr. Waqas Nakhwa, Founder and CEO of Aqar Chain, “At Aqarchain we are bringing the entry barrier into real estate, lower by fractionalization. This ensures people with early stage income and limited credit line in banks are eligible to invest in global properties and earn the same revenue that institutional investors earn.”

Mr. Waqas Nakhwa – Co-Founder & CEO – Aqar Chain further added, “We are selling a dream here, people will be able to buy a share in the apartment for as low as USD 300 and claim the rent in proportion to their share in the property. This way anyone can easily own a global property, without any hassle. The entire process is safe and secured.”

Besides giving a safe investment opportunity to real estate investors, the aim is to provide liquidity to the real estate industry by enabling fractional ownership. Traditionally Real Estate investment is considered the most preferred asset for investment, however, the rising prices create a barrier to entry into the market. This is where Aqar Chain comes into the picture by offering flexibility to invest infractions.