OTT Platform AAO NXT launches ‘AAO NXT’ Bangla and plans to develop hyper local content with Bengali content creators

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Kolkata, 17 February 2023: Odisha’s first independent OTT platform, ‘AAO NXT’ has launched ‘AAO NXT’ Bangla for creating content in the Bengali language. The platform aims to be focused on creating itself as an Eastern India-based content platform. Mr. Kaushik Das, Founder & CEO of AAO NXT, Ram Patnaik,  Co-Founder & CFO of AAO NXT, and Mr. Satish Kataria, Founder of Fandora, were present at the Bengali content segment announcement press conference on Friday.

‘AAO NXT’ after its remarkable success with their handpicked Odia Originals like Anthony, Four and Ardh Satya, now plans to work with content creators and investors from West Bengal to develop local and hyper local content with a global value. They have also made a crucial announcement which is their investment in one of the World’s First Pre-NFT market place- Fandora. FANDORA application is striving to impact two large industries, which are at the cusp of the next big revolution. One – is the content industry – which continues its unabated growth. And two – the evolving world of NFTs and Metaverse – which would become the future medium for consumption and interaction with the content.

Aao Nxt Bangla

Mr. Kaushik Das, Founder & CEO of AAO NXT said, “Bengali is one of the highly demanding languages in which viewers want their content to be. Hence we have come up with the strategy to use the Bengali language and utilise talented content creators of Bengal to make our platform a top-rated and most-watched one in Eastern India.”

Mr. Ram Pattnaik, Co-Founder & CFO of AAO NXT stated, “Regional OTT platforms are becoming increasingly important due to the growing demand for regional content. In recent years, Bengali content has seen significant demand, and to fulfil that need, we decided to make Bengali content a major part of our platform.”

Mr. Satish Kataria, Founder of Fandora mentioned, “Our application would offer Creators to offer multiple Pre NFT Rights to Web3 Pros – in a way where they can best monetise their content, without worrying about underlying technologies, and while allowing them complete control over the key IP and Rights over their content.”