PaySprint and MMTC-PAMP Unveil Digital Gold & Silver API, Making Precious Metals Accessible to All

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India, 19 July 2023: PaySprint Private Limited has collaborated with MMTC-PAMP India Private Limited to develop its Digital Gold & Silver API. This innovative API empowers you to buy, sell & redeem 999.9+ Purest Gold(24K) & Silver, with just a few touches on your mobile phone. Eliminating geographical barriers makes these precious metals acquirable for a wider audience & allows individuals from different locations to invest in gold & silver easily. Furthermore, it enables people to invest in fractional amounts starting at as low as Re. 1!

“The Digital Gold & Silver API is designed to democratise accessibility of these precious metals & make them available to the masses with minimal investment.”, says S Anand, Founder & CEO at PaySprint Private Limited. “Almost everyone dreams of owning Gold and through this API, we believe we will help many people make this dream come true.”

Speaking on the launch, Vikas Singh, MD, MMTC-PAMP said, “Being the most trusted leader in Digital Gold, we want to make sure we are continually improving our products to offer the best customer experience. With this partnership, we have created a whole new, innovative user experience. We are democratising the way Indians buy Gold & Silver, breaking down barriers, empowering all. Our Digital Multi-Metal product is for everyone, and has the ability to buy the purest finesse precious metals for any amount.”

People can diversify their investment portfolio and participate in the global precious metals market. The digital gold & silver is stored in MMTC- PAMP’s bank-grade highly-secure vaults and is fully insured, so investors can avail the benefits of ownership without the challenges of physical possession.

Gold & Silver are safe-haven assets & can act as a hedge against economic uncertainties and inflation. Investors can monitor the real-time market prices of gold & silver, track their investments, & sell their holdings when desired.
Features & benefits of the Digital Gold & Silver API include:

  •  User-friendly, secure, & efficient way for individuals to invest in Gold & Silver.
  •  Buy, Sell & Redeem Gold & Silver without the hassles of safekeeping.
  •  It can serve as a hedge against inflation & a diversification strategy for investment portfolios.