Platform 65 Introduces Mouthwatering Monsoon Special Menu for a Perfect Rainy Season

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 Platform 65Hyderabad, July 2023: As the rains fall away upon our beloved city, Platform 65 is thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive Monsoon Special Menu, this menu is designed to fascinate the taste buds and provide an exceptional dining experience during this enchanting rainy season. The menu will be available at all the platform 65 restaurants with new tastes that foodies across the states are delighted to taste and enjoy the food of the authentic style.

The climate may be crazy in the city but the monsoon menu embraces the extraordinary. With the weather providing a delightful respite from the scorching heat, the restaurant team of passionate chefs has carefully created a selection of lip-smacking dishes that capture the essence of the monsoon season. The highlights from the Monsoon Special Menu include bajjis, a variety of veg & non-veg fries, delicious soups, and the main course with the ingredients, which helps to prevent diseases from this monsoon.

On this note, Mr. Sadgun Patha, Managing Director and Founder of Platform 65 said, “Who doesn’t love the rainy season, having a hot treat in the cool weather? While the rains create a beautiful ambiance and a desire for comfort food, we are also mindful of the health risks associated with this time of the year. As nature revives, so does the possibility of waterborne diseases and other seasonal illnesses also increases. To overcome this we, as a team, have meticulously designed our menu to incorporate a range of nutritious and immunity-boosting ingredients. From carefully selected fresh produce to thoughtfully balanced spices and herbs, every dish on our Monsoon Seasonal Menu”

In addition, “As a chef, our commitment to the customers goes beyond just satisfying their taste buds; it also extends to ensuring their well-being. With the launch of our Monsoon Seasonal Menu, I am thrilled to embark on a journey that not only delights our patrons with delectable flavors but also safeguards their health during this rainy season…” Said Platform 65 Corporate Executive Chef VH Suresh.