Pre- Budget Expectation- Mr. Nikhil Agarwal, President-CJ Darcl Logistics

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Mr. Nikhil Agarwal

The logistics industry has grown rapidly at a CAGR of 15% and will continue to grow at a faster rate in the years ahead. With the budget around the corner, we expect the government to prioritize the strengthening of logistics and related infrastructure that would lead to economic growth for the country as a whole.

PM Modi’s vision for India is to become a $5 trillion economy with the integration of technology, digitization, and infrastructural development in the logistics industry. Multimodal connectivity would help to reduce its operational cost to as low as single digits and reduce delivery time. The government is also looking forward to more sustainable practices in transportation to cut down its carbon footprint to net zero by the year 2070.

Alternative fuel technologies such as LNG, Electric Vehicles, hydrogen-IC engines, and fuel cell trucks will play a significant role in future of the logistics, the Indian government must provide the right ecosystem and economic support to achieve its green emission targets.

To ensure that logistics infrastructure and multimodal connectivity continue to develop, the government should allocate funds to multimodal logistics parks to improve the country’s logistics efficiency in a time-bound manner. This would help India to become a leading logistics provider delivering efficient, safe, and economical logistics solutions across all modes, Road, Rail, Coastal, and Air.-Mr. Nikhil Agarwal, President-CJ Darcl Logistics.