QYOU Media India’s Q TV Launches New Original Series ‘Viral Hua Re’, Deploys an AI Anchor

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QYOU Media25th August, Mumbai, India: Recognizing the burgeoning need for innovative and compelling content, QYOU Media India’s leading Hindi General Entertainment Channel, Q TV, continues to successfully strike a chord with its audiences. Further bolstering its ‘Zara Hatke’ proposition, Q TV, in a first-of-its-kind initiative, announces a new original series, ‘Viral Hua Re’, driven by artificial intelligence (AI) that launched on 20th August 2023.

In a pioneering move that unleashes a completely new approach to content creation, ‘Viral Hua Re’ aims to transport the ubiquitous mobile phone experience of scrolling through multiple short format videos, onto the living room television set, through an engaging and hilarious lineup of short videos. Led by a sassy animated AI anchor, ‘Viral Bhabhi’ with her witty one-liners and anecdotes, the show features viral videos sourced from social platforms spanning various sub-genres including comedy, pranks, gags, falls and fails. Combining creativity with cutting-edge technology, the channel aims to revolutionize the way audiences engage with content with the introduction of an AI anchor.

Speaking on the launch, Simran Hoon, CEO, of QYOU Media India, said, “At QYOU Media India, we have always been at the forefront of delivering exceptional and wholesome entertainment to our viewers. We believe in the power of innovation and thus the introduction of the new AI-driven show adds a revolutionary dimension to our programming. ‘Viral Hua Re’ exemplifies our commitment to curating content that resonates with our cherished viewers. With the launch of the new AI-driven show, we remain steadfast towards harnessing the power of technology to redefine entertainment experiences. We look forward to embracing the future of television, where creativity meets technology and storytelling transcends conventional narratives.”

Ashutosh Barve, Senior Vice President – Programming and Strategy, QYOU Media India, further added, “At Q TV, we believe in pushing the boundaries of entertainment, and our new show reflects that commitment. The unconventional ‘Viral Hua Re’ truly embodies the spirit of being ‘Zara Hatke.’ In a first-of-its-kind initiative, with the AI anchor-driven show, we aim to take our viewers on an exciting journey of entertainment that challenges conventions and sparks creativity. The show is unique and operates at the cusp of user-generated content, and will surely capture the hearts of our viewers. We look forward to innovating and creating more such content that connects and resonates with our loyal viewer base while attracting new viewers to the channel.”

Q TV’s latest content line-up underscores its commitment to embracing user-generated content and harnessing the power of AI to deliver fresh and captivating entertainment to viewers across India.