Randstad Digital Creates Talent Centers of Excellence for Software-Defined Vehicle Innovation, Expanding Global Automotive Business

Randstad DigitalBangalore, India – January 10, 2024, | Today Randstad Digital, a leading digital enablement organization, announces a major expansion to its automotive practice to further enable software-defined vehicle technology in the auto-industry. Randstad Digital understands that the success of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) relies on a proficient workforce. As the industry shifts to the widespread adoption of SDVs, Randstad Digital will continue to support this sector by providing training programs and resources to nurture the next generation of automotive professionals and experts.

While SDVs represent a significant shift in the automotive industry, with continuous improvements and customization of vehicles throughout their lifecycle, it raises challenges related to software reliability, cybersecurity, and data privacy. To properly deploy this technology at scale, Randstad Digital is establishing automotive centers of excellence in its Digital Talent Centers (DTC) in Romania and India, to train and upskill as many as 2,000 individuals over the next two years. The DTCs will serve as a hub for talent development and innovation in the field of SDVs, offering comprehensive training programs and resources to equip individuals with the knowledge required to excel in a fast-evolving automotive ecosystem.

“The automotive industry has seen a drastic uptick in the need for digital talent, and Randstad Digital is well positioned to help train, skill, and equip automakers and their partners to future-proof their talent and development ecosystems,” said Venu Lambu, Chief Executive Officer at Randstad Digital. “We view this as a significant investment in our long-term growth strategy and are ecstatic to partner with auto-industry companies including Valeo, as they increasingly leverage SDV technology throughout their product lines.”

Randstad Digital will serve as a global talent partner to Valeo, a worldwide leader in mobility technology and electrification. Valeo will have access to Randstad’s premier talent and training services through the Randstad Digital Academy as well as the company’s proprietary AI-driven platform. The partnership will begin in early 2024 in key markets including India, Romania, and France with plans to expand and reach automakers worldwide.