Unlocking Tomorrow’s Security: RecFaces to participate in an Exclusive Panel Discussion on Facial Recognition Integration for Business Excellence

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RecFacesJanuary 27, 2024 — RecFaces, an international facial recognition software developer, has announced its participation in an upcoming online panel discussion hosted by Security Today Group in India. The event is to be heldat 3:30 pm IST on 31st January, 2024. The online panel discussion, titled “Securing Tomorrow: A Deep Dive into Facial Recognition Integration for Business Excellence” is focused to bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and key stakeholders to provide a comprehensive view of the current security challenges.

This event involves participation of a vibrant panel with representatives from RecFaces along with acclaimed leaders of the manufacturing industry.

RecFaces, renowned for its innovative facial recognition software products is going to contribute valuable insights to the discussion on the integration of facial recognition technology for achieving business excellence in security. The panel will dive into the current security issues being faced by the manufacturing industry in India and the opportunities associated with facial recognition.

Participants will reap invaluable benefits from understanding how facial recognition technology can help enhance decision-making to fight challenging security situations for better structure development. Integrators will also get a chance to understand the ease of integration of facial recognition software in their existing video management system.

“Implementation of facial recognition technology at the right level of security is integral to achieving higher business efficiency across sectors. This Panel discussion will highlight how Facial Recognition is the perfect Biometric solution to achieve overall business excellence,” said Sukrit, Global Marketing Partner, APAC & MENA, RecFaces.”