Redefining Success’ By Techno India University and TEDX

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Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury Kolkata, 4th November 2023: Techno India University, the largest private university and educational establishment in Eastern India, and TEDx, the popular community-based talk and performance program, have collaborated to bring talks from a clutch of regional achievers on the contemporary relevant theme of ‘Redefining Success’.

What is Success? While it means different things to different people, the majority believe that it is a manifestation of one’s net worth and material possessions. Could there be a different angle to this way of thinking? The speakers on the program certainly believe so, though they have competently ticked all the boxes of the world view of success themselves.

This was the interesting cornerstone of today’s edition of TEDx hosted by Techno India University.

“No one has the best definition of success, but I believe that you are successful when you attain your chosen positive aim or purpose. While society has imposed several criteria and expectations for gauging success, it ought to be an intense individualist pursuit. To find your passion, remain committed while removing distractions, have fun along the way without buckling under societal pressures, and finally reach your chosen summit – that ought to be a success. Today’s event is aimed to reinforce this sentiment amongst the local community. Techno India University is proud to collaborate with TEDx for the same”, said Prof Manoshi Roychowdhury, Chairperson, Techno India University.

The speakers at the program included Ms. Alokananda Roy, Indian classical dancer, choreographer, trainer, dance educationist, therapist, and social reformer who highlighted Healing through Dance: The Therapeutic Power of Movement, Dr. Mousree Basistha, Assistant Professor of Law, South Kolkata Law College, University of Calcutta spoke on seeing beyond sight while Mr. Darshan Dudhoria, Director, Bari Kothi spelled out what Heritage Sustainability is all about and shows A New Paradigm for Success, Mr. Satyarup Siddhanta, Indian Mountaineer highlighted conquering more than mountains, success in the face of adversity, Mr. Rajanvir Singh Kapur, IAS, Managing Director -West Bengal Transport Corporation – Government of West Bengal who spoke on creating happier teams at workplace, a simple yet overlooked mantra for success.

Mr Sayantan Maitra, VP – of MassArt, spoke on The Power of Art Festivals: A New Measure of Success, Mr. Sumit Agarwal, LinkedIn Top Voice, on the theme – From Limitations to Leadership: Paving the Way for Others, and RJ Arvind, Journalist, spoke about Impactful Radio: Redefining Community Success through Engaging Broadcasts.

In essence, the purpose of ‘Redefining Success’ is to challenge and expand upon the conventional definitions of success that has been handed down to us from decade to decade. It attempts to dwell upon alternative perspectives on success, the ones that embrace holistic well-being, personal fulfillment, a sense of purpose, and overall, a life lived well.