RTDC makes a profit of 3 crore from Palace on Wheels

Mr. V. P. Singh, Managing Director, RTDC,

New Delhi. ‘Palace on Wheels’ the luxury tourist train has given a profit of about three crore rupees to Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. (RTDC). After the COVID-19 period, ‘Palace on Wheels’ started continuous trips from 22nd October 2022 and by January 2023, more than 500 passengers have travelled in the luxury tourist train. Most of the passengers were domestic tourists. As the number of domestic tourists are increasing, RTDC is considering redesigning the fare structure of this luxury tourist train according to Indian standard. The next round of ‘Palace on Wheels’ which will begin its journey from 18th February, 78 passengers will travel in it. This figure of passengers is quite reassuring as 82 passengers can travel in this train at a time.

According to Mr. V. P. Singh, Managing Director, RTDC, there has been a significant reduction in the number of foreign tourists after COVID-19 period. He said, “In such a situation, the focus was on the ‘Palace on Wheels’ in different cities of country, the result was that 40 to 50 percent of Indians travelled in this royal tourist train”. Mr. Singh, hoped that the Palace on Wheels would remain fully booked during the month of March and April. “Under the leadership of Chairman Mr.Dharmendra Singh Rathore, RTDC and ‘Palace on Wheels’ have taken a gallop on the path of development” added Mr.Singh.

He further added, “recently organized “FITUR” International Tourism Fair held in Madrid (Spain) was attended by our Rajasthan delegation of tourism department and had organized a road show for ‘Palace on Wheels’ under the leadership of RTDC Chairman Mr.Dharmendra Singh Rathore, which was appreciated by operators of the international tour-and-travel agencies who attend the roadshow”.

Ambassador of India to Spain, Mr. Dinesh K. Patnaik said, “any Spanish traveller who travels in the ‘Palace on Wheels’ will be provided with best facilities in Indian Visa.”

According to Mr. V. P. Singh, Managing Director, RTDC, “before the “FITUR” International Tourism Fair held in Spain, more than 50 passengers from Spain had done bookings for this luxury tourist train and after the conference, bookings for March and April 2023 have been close to 175. Now not only the ‘Palace on Wheels’, but also RTDC will create new records as the commands are in the right hands and in the right direction”.