Make Me Pure: Crystals and their healing effects

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Gurpreet Arora

Ever felt bound, stressed, or depressed? Is there any way to restore energy and calm our heads? Well, such questions do surround and demoralize us. We have ways to heal ourselves with charm and happiness. Make Me Pure, is the only place where you may heal with various methodologies such as CBT, Tarot Card reading, Meditation, Reiki, Crystal Reading,
Angelic Reiki, NLP, and many more services. Past life regression and Astrology are the services given to people which focus on mental health treatment and healing through crystals.

Crystals play a vital role in cleaning the aura and absorbing all negative energies. Crystals or gems are beautiful and give an aesthetic look to our house, office or wherever we place them. Either it could be in jewels or simply in their original form.

Crystals do have properties of attracting wealth, prosperity, happiness, charms, peace, wisdom and positive vibes which cure our body and sometimes are used for longevity too.7 Crystals to improve your lifestyle are listed below-

1. Amethyst
Amethyst or Neelam is used to heal people and keep them cool-headed. It focuses on increasing wealth and removing negative energies. It drives away hazards of daily life and is the antidote against drunkenness. It is heat-sensitive and may change colour when exposed to light.

2. Obsidian
Obsidian is used to attract fortune and is known for its good absorbing properties. It absorbs all the negative energies and is rooted in the base chakra. Its magnetic properties help in healing health issues.

3. Bloodstone
Bloodstone or heliotrope is known for its magnetic properties. It increases longevity, wealth, courage, and strength and preserves health and youth. It can slow-bleeding and balances the root chakra.

4. Citrine
Citrine or Pukhraj is the symbol of romance, positivity, happiness, vitality, freshness, new beginnings, mental clarity and emotional well-being. It cleans chakras and creates a sense of alertness. It guards against venomous snakes, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion and purifies body toxins.

5. Clear Quartz
Quart is a colourless gem that draws off negativity and neutralizes background radiations. It balances the body and energizes the immune system.

6. Aventurine
Aventurine is known for its grounding and stability properties. It is good for overthinkers. It is connected with the heart chakra and increases abundancy, luck, opportunity and money.

7. Fluorite
Fluorite is a colourless gem easily visible in UV rays. It is also one of the most colourful minerals in the world. It attracts prosperity and inner wealth. It supports netter concentration, laser focus and discernment. It replaces negative energy with love and clears all chakras.