Sapphire Confectionery Debuts Decade Long Venture Online

Sapphire Confectionery

From Pinterest to the pantry, it is everywhere. Be it cookies, toffees, chocolates, sweet drinks. Who doesn’t like a sweet treat from time to time? Be it to turn a frown upside down or simply as a matter of taste. It is only natural to love sweet treats. We have grown up to love sweets as it activates the reward system of the brain and gets us feeling good. From an evolutionary lens, even breast milk has a sweet taste to it. Hence, our proclivity towards sweet treats can be seen as a way to indulge and seek solace.

Sapphire Confectionery is a 12-year-old brand of Indian origin that operates to capture the dynamism of the ever-evolving Global Food Trends to serve the exotic International taste palette to the Indian Masses. Sapphire Confectionery offers a wide selection of 150+ food products Inspired and perfected from around the globe, catering to several tastes. The Sapphire Umbrella consists of everything ranging from sweet confections to savory and spicy Korean ramen noodles.

Over the past decade, Sapphire Confectionery has secured a firm customer footing in the FMCG space, as well as The Premium Gifting Segment. Their presence is strongly felt across airports and the HORECA segment. Their products are tasted globally with their nascent yet flourishing exports business.

Sapphire Confectionery was conceived in 2011 by veterans of the food and beverage industry, headed by Mr. Manoj Dugar. With immense experience in food imports and enormous exposure to the global offerings, the thought of having an Indian brand that brings together the best of what the world has to offer just clicked.

“We are looking forward to strengthen Sapphire’s direct to consumer ability, in order to build an International Community of Patrons, which will further enable us to access a plethora of routes that can prove hugely beneficial for the future of Sapphire” says Mr. Manoj Dugar, one of the three directors behind the brand.

Sapphire Confectionery has been a part of e-com channels for quite some time now. Their presence is most strongly felt during the Festive time. Their beloved range of Butter Cookies, Chocolates, Gift Hampers, all Sustainably packaged inside a Tin Box makes up for strong nostalgic associations of the warmth and spirit of celebration and
is undeniably commonplace in every Indian household.

Sapphire Confectionery is taking its online presence to the next level. They have just launched their Direct 2 Consumer website. With this, Sapphire Confectionery aims to provide a hyper-personalized shopping experience for the customers by being in sync with customers’ buying patterns and catering to the evolving consumer habits and
ever-changing trends with utmost personalization and efficacy.