Savarnas Mantra Launches Brow Soap for Naturally Laminated Professional Brows

Norfolk, VA, December 29, 2022 — Savarnas Mantra, a Virginia-based brow, lash, and skin natural beauty brand has launched Vegan Brow Soap to transform brow looks by creating naturally laminated soap brows.

Over the years, there has been a major shift in the trends of eyebrows. From pencil thin, arched to bushy brows. Soap brows are creating a buzz these days. With advancements in the beauty industry, brow soaps are all set to provide a new look to brow beauty with laminated soap brows instantly.

Many Hollywood celebs have been switching to laminated brow look with help of brow soaps. This is known as soap brows. Soap brows give an instant boost of confidence with a great beauty look.

Laminated Soap Brows – a New Brow Trendsetter
Laminated soap brows are nothing but coating the eyebrows using brow soap. This helps to keep the hair in place to achieve a slick and defined look.

Soap brows are one of the popular brow makeup looks that have been flaunted by many Hollywood celebs. It is a brow style of feathered, brushed-up brows to make them look full and fluffy. Soap brows is a buzzword that has been swarming around the internet these days. This can be achieved with the help of a brow soap.

Brow soap is an innovative eyebrow product that can be conveniently applied to create fuller eyebrows.

Existence and Evolution of Brow Soaps
In 2020, many celebrities’ make-up stylists realized that soap can give a waxy look which works as an effective primer to set brows in place with long-lasting hold. This was considered one of the best alternatives for laminated brows instantly, especially for people who do not want to opt for brow lamination treatment. Also, many conventional brow soaps with fixing ingredients having silicon or mineral oil have hit the beauty market over time.

With this in mind, Savarnas Mantra has recently launched a natural brow soap to recreate impeccable brows. It has come up with a new trend to create laminated soap brows naturally and instantly.