Sayaji Pune to elevate your dining experience by hosting a Vegan Food Festival!

Panzanella- Vegan Food

Pune, 03 November 2022: Plant-based food or veganism has slowly but surely caught the attention of many. While many have adapted to the vegan lifestyle either due to health/food restrictions or simply out of choice; plant-based food has surplus benefits and a lot to offer. 1st November is celebrated as International Vegan Day and Sayaji Pune is hosting a week-long Vegan Food festival at their poolside restaurant, Turque to allow guests to truly experience the flavors of plant-based food.

From an ethical point of view, veganism stands to be a great alternative. Those who are not necessarily vegan, but wish to decrease meat consumption, or love animals and wish to do better but aren’t aware of how opting for plant-based food is a great way to start. Through this food festival, Sayaji Pune looks forward to elevating its guests’ dining experience. While there are misconceptions that when opting for vegan food the options are limited or the food won’t taste that great, the culinary experts at Sayaji Pune are here to change your opinion.

The Vegan Food festival will consist of appetizing flavors and food combinations. From Tomato and Leek soup to Tuscan Panzanella Salad, to Green moong ki Shammi Indian, vegetable dim sum, and Vegetable fried wonton in appetizers, the robust preparations will leave you craving for the mains. In the mains, you can opt for Mongolian-style pot rice, Suba yaki noodle Asian, Bhindi Hari Mirchi masala, or Lehsun dal tadka. A little something for everyone.

Whether you’re a fan of plant-based food or wish to try this particular cuisine, look no further than Sayaji Pune. Head to their picturesque poolside restaurant Turque to experience the bountiful offerings the food fest offers!