Shangri-La Eros New Delhi Introduces Layers of Love

Shangri-La Eros (New Delhi, February 2024) Love is in the air, and Shangri-La Eros New Delhi is infusing sweetness into Valentine’s Day with its heartwarming social media campaign, “Layers of Love”. From heartfelt moments to romantic dining, fairytale celebrations, and meaningful travel experiences, Shangri-La is the ultimate destination for love throughout February.

As a delightful addition to the “Layers of Love” campaign, Shangri-La Eros New Delhi transforms its lobby into a haven of romantic experiences. A life-sized edible 5-foot heart, with almost 1,000 smaller hearts adorning it, will be on display and offers guests a charming, picturesque opportunity to capture and share cherished moments of love. The delectable installation seamlessly blends into the celebration, providing a unique sensory indulgence.

In this enchanting setting, a captivating Shangri-La Wishing Tree takes center stage, with a nearby side table laden with heart cutouts for a delightful guest activity. This thoughtful arrangement allows guests to express their sentiments by writing and sharing heartfelt messages as part of the “Layers of Love” experience for their loved ones. As these unique moments unfold, accompanied by shared smiles and laughter, individuals at the hotel create profound connections with the essence of the Wishing Tree. In this harmonious atmosphere, a tapestry of memories is intricately woven, ready to be shared across social media platforms.

Join Shangri-La Eros New Delhi in savoring the “Layers of Love” campaign this February, where every heartfelt message and captured moment adds to the magic of love.