Steelbird, World’s Largest Helmet Brand, Expands Its Riding gear Portfolio with Winter Riding Jackets

SteelbirdNew Delhi, 15th December- In a significant stride towards enhancing rider safety and comfort, Steelbird, renowned as the largest helmet brand globally, has extended its riding gear portfolio by introducing a new line of riding jackets specially crafted for the winter season. The launch marks a strategic move by the brand to provide a comprehensive range of gear, beyond helmets, catering to the needs of riders.

As temperatures drop and riders gear up for winter journeys, Steelbird’s latest offering aims to be the perfect companion on two-wheelers. The riding jackets have been meticulously designed to provide optimal warmth and protection, ensuring riders can navigate the winter chill with ease and style.

Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Steelbird has leveraged its expertise in rider-centric products to create jackets that seamlessly blend functionality with a contemporary aesthetic. The focus is not just on keeping riders warm but also on offering a tailored fit that enhances the overall riding experience.

Steelbird’s reputation as a leading helmet brand is now complemented by its foray into winter riding apparel. The jackets boast a thoughtful combination of features, including easy-to-use zippers for quick wear, full sleeves for complete coverage, and adjustable elements like elasticated hems and drawcord bottoms. These elements collectively contribute to an unmatched level of comfort and versatility for riders.

As riders face varying weather conditions during winter, the Steelbird jackets are designed to combat air resistance while remaining breathable. The incorporation of ventilated underarms ensures breathability, and the use of durable polyester fabric guarantees longevity. Riders can also enjoy enhanced visibility with reflective branding at the back, a crucial safety feature for low-light conditions.

What sets Steelbird apart is not just the quality of its products but also its commitment to the “Make in India” initiative. All Steelbird riding jackets are proudly manufactured in India, a testament to the brand’s dedication to local craftsmanship and production.

With this latest addition to their product lineup, Steelbird extends its legacy of providing riders with gear that goes beyond industry standards. As winter takes hold, riders can now rely on Steelbird not only for their trusted helmets but also for premium riding jackets that redefine winter riding elegance. Embrace the season with style and functionality, courtesy of Steelbird’s newest offering in riding apparel.