Summing up the year – Vishakha Singh talks about the Education and HR trends

Vishakha Singh

By Vishakha Singh – Creator and Founder of SHIFT (Simple Habits and Ideas for Forward Thinking)

Education Trends to watch out for 2022

“The pandemic has done wonders for the education sector by ushering in a rapid acceptance for distance education, increasing manifold its reach across demographic segments and also multiplying its acceptance as valid education among employers.We saw various trends emerge across the education system with the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. Some schools are opening up today after close to two years which necessitates SEL (Social and emotional learning) support. Students have adopted different ways of learning in today’s unprecedented times. It is essential that we make learning in a school environment convivial for the students to reskill and rebuild their confidence as learners. Education is being democratized where irrespective of the age one can get deeper into a particular skill. Today school goers are assembling an ecg machine that engineers did in their colleges. This paradigm shift in democratization of knowledge opens a new way of skilling across all age categories. Soft skills are likely to continue to be high-demand programs, rewrite this – what is Indian need gap? Soft skills also mean critical thinking skills and add a line on that too along with communication skill being able to communicate effectively and. Skilling will include data and digital related knowledge and leadership skills like empathy, critical thinking.The pandemic has widened the skill gap and companies and institutions have realized the importance of critical thinking and forward-thinking at the workplace. Having good leadership and managerial skills, critical thinking abilities that help to analyze and make right and quick decisions is the need of the hour.”

HR Trends for 2022 and Learning from 2021

“The post pandemic remote working cultures had put HR departments across sectors into a challenging landscape . The working corporate community learnt, quickly and thrived. WFH was a difficult trend to adopt which onHR managers where their capabilities were put to test in order to ensure seamless operations whilst keeping employee morale high. Gradually as 2021 progressed, so did the return of employees to their workplaces. While we have witnessed and experienced the ability to adopt and evolve, we have learnt a few essential lessons Firstly, empathy at the workplace is of prime importance. Leaders need to be empathetic to the needs of their team members. Secondly, reskilling and up-skilling techniques will be the need of the hour in 2022. With the business changing at a rapid pace, employees need to be on top of things when it comes to augmenting their present role at the workplace. This will enable them to become more resilient, agile and transparent in their organizations.Thirdly, the companies need to walk the promises of gender diversity and inclusion Implementing Gender diversity policies and rules will come to the forefront where companies will be engaged in embracing and implementing gender equality and diversity wholeheartedly.. 2022 promises to extend our newfound ways of working, thinking, and collaborating as companies big and small alike are going to adapt a hybrid work culture that is focussed on being empathetic, creating learning opportunities to stay agile and adopting flexibility to embrace diverse needs of its people.”