SuperBottoms Expands Into India’s First ‘Special Need’ Diaper Category

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SuperBottoms DiaperNational, 4 July 2023: India is home to 8 million children which includes a significant number who face mobility challenges and permanent incontinence, according to a UNESCO report. Traditional baby diapers are only available until the age of 3, and adult diapers typically start from 15 years onwards, leaving a significant gap for children aged 5-14. Recognizing the needs of parents and caregivers of this community, SuperBottoms – a pioneer in cloth diapering in India has today introduced India’s first Special Needs Diaper.

SuperBottoms’ Special Needs Diaper offers protection to moderate urine or bowel movements, providing the reliable protection required. The advanced moisture-wicking capabilities of the diaper ensure a dry and comfortable experience, minimizing the risk of rashes or irritation. Crafted from soft and mild materials, the Special Needs Diaper prioritizes the comfort and gentleness required for sensitive skin. The diaper comes in child-friendly design (pant style pattern) enabling the child to wear the diaper by themselves. Its customizable features, odorless technology and resealable tabs make diapering easy, promoting hygiene and convenience for caregivers and children alike. The reusable Special Kids diapers have tear-away sides for easy and hygienic removal, enabling caregivers to change diapers efficiently and minimize discomfort for the child.

Commenting on this, Pallavi Utagi, the CEO and Founder of SuperBottoms said “We, at SuperBottoms, firmly believe in allowing children to be their authentic selves, free from societal stereotypes and milestones. Every child is unique and deserves the freedom to explore the world in their own way. Recognizing the challenges faced by children with special needs and their caregivers, SuperBottoms is dedicated to comforting their journey by providing innovative diapers. The launch of SuperBottoms’ Special Needs Diaper marks a significant milestone in the journey towards holistic care and support for all children.”

SuperBottoms Special Needs Diapers are now available at as well as other leading e-commerce platforms. SuperBottoms, the pioneer of cloth diapering in India, also recently launched Easy Clean Top Sheets – India’s only Dry Feel diaper liner. These Easy Clean Top Sheets are entirely biodegradable, unscented, and non-toxic, and keep the infants dry for 12 hours.