Taboola’s AI That Automatically Maximizes Conversions Sees Almost Double Growth in Past 90 Days

TaboolaNew Delhi, 31 January 2024, – Taboola, a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web, today announced rapid adoption and results for its performance advertising-focused bidding technology, called Maximize Conversions. Since launching just 3 months ago, this technology has already been used by 50 percent of Taboola advertisers, including Hyundai, ERGO, Leica Camera, Sonova, Peugeot Turkey, and Opel Turkey, with some advertisers seeing 110 percent increases in conversions.

Taboola’s Maximize Conversions empowers Taboola advertisers to evolve beyond manual and time-consuming cost-per-click (CPC) bidding strategies, in favor of simply specifying a budget and having Taboola’s algorithm automate the CPC bid to drive as many conversions as possible while staying within budget. Advertisers are using Maximize Conversions to drive results, boosting conversions while maintaining their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). In addition to making ad campaigns more effective, Maximize Conversions has also provided immense benefits in making campaigns more efficient, reducing the time in which advertisers get to their optimal results by half.

Maximize Conversions is designed to give advertisers flexibility for their campaigns. The technology can be used without a target CPA, which delivers against an advertiser’s daily budget, driving the most conversions at the lowest cost. When used with a target CPA, it delivers performance at a CPA they control.

“Maximize Conversion is one of our most rapidly adopted offerings ever,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and founder, Taboola. “The world’s top advertisers are embracing it because it takes the guesswork out of CPC bidding, it clearly produces results, and it is based on AI that is trained with an understanding of their consumers–one that is unique to Taboola. We’re connecting advertisers with customers quickly and easily, no matter what goal an advertiser has.”