Taxi Butler announces the global launch of Taxi Butler QR

Taxi Butler QR

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 4th November 2022 — Taxi Butler, today announced the global launch of Taxi Butler QR, featuring the ultimate combination of simplicity, innovation and automation. Built on technology that taxi fleets around the world already trust, Taxi Butler QR delivers a next-generation way for taxi fleets to generate and automate bookings from anywhere inside their local venues.

Talking about the launch, Taxi Butler’s Director, Laurence Docherty explains that “Taxi Butler QR is the ultimate way for taxi fleets to increase their automated taxi bookings from venues, whilst providing a seamless booking experience for their customers.

Imagine this: A hotel guest is getting ready to go out for dinner. They want a simple and safe way of getting to their destination. As they’re leaving their hotel room, they see a sticker on the door with a taxi-hailing QR code. They scan the code and book a taxi from the hotel, with a local and trusted taxi company. They track their taxi from the comfort of the lobby until it arrives.”

Without having to download an app or sign up, users scan the QR code and book a taxi in just a few seconds.

A seamless QR taxi booking experience for everyone involved

This QR code taxi booker provides a tool inside Taxi Butler’s platform, that generates unique QR codes that can be printed on any marketing material, like table tents or stickers, and placed in hotels, bars or restaurants.  Taxi company owners customize brand the booking interface with their colours and pre-configure the available taxi types. They track the success of each of their QR codes inside Taxi Butler’s platform, allowing them to optimize their performance.

The web-app booking interface provides visitors in venues with a seamless way of booking a taxi. Without having to download an app or sign up, users scan the QR code and select their destination, enter their contact details and see their taxi on the map. They’ll see vehicle information on-screen and an estimated price for their trip.

Taxi Butler’s QR taxi booker makes it easier for people inside venues to book taxis exclusively with local taxi fleets, rather than going to their competitors

Delivering endless possibilities for taxi fleets across the globe

Taxi Butler’s mission is to connect people to themselves and others; it’s the foundation of everything they do. To do so, they work closely with taxi fleets and have built Taxi Butler QR from the ground up, testing it with real fleets, venues and passengers before launching. Taxi Butler QR lets taxi fleets:

  • make it easier for people inside venues to book taxis exclusively with their drivers
  • generate even more automated bookings alongside their Taxi Butlers
  • increase their brand visibility and create exclusivity with local venues