The Mainstreet Marketplace

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From collaborations to drops, the most wanted and seriously limited items in fashion are sold out in a matter of seconds. The hype has become the new exclusive, and The Mainstreet Marketplace is India’s premium resale store presenting a well-curated collection of sneakers and apparel. The brand is recognized as an evolving and contemporary space that trades in high-end sneakers and streetwear through its website, store and social media.

“Sneaker collecting majorly involves the trade of limited edition big-ticket items in an after-market. These articles are bought and sold like stocks and exponentially rise in value over time. MNST is a platform aiming to grow sneaker culture in India’’, explains Vedant, who discovered sneaker culture in 2016, and has continued to deep dive into the system, and build an empire of sneakerheads who believe in not just acquiring exclusive deals but also fostering a feeling of individuality and self-expression.

“Our vision is to build on this opportunity and flourish the sneaker and streetwear market in India. Most times, the sneakers we sell are available only exclusively around the world, and it’s our mission to bring them here.” India’s sneaker market has been growing rapidly with Bollywood celebrities lending their heavy influence.

For Vedant, the gap in the industry ignited the need to build a platform with a unique brand aesthetic and culture. “The lack of access to product owing to import restrictions, lack of a local platform regulating the industry, and no real, authentic information are some of the reasons we started Mainstreet. The vision is to grow it into the flagship platform in India.”

Thus, every transaction at Mainstreet follows a meticulous process. A buyer can approach the brand through their website, Instagram or Whatsapp, and is assigned a designated customer service executive. Every item sourced or sold goes through a 23-step internal authentication procedure. Their products are either ready to ship or available within a massive network of over 500 sellers from around the country, which is all listed on the brand’s website.

For the growing subculture and for individuals who believe that lacing up a pair of cool sneaks is more than just putting on a pair of shoes, Mainstreet promises authentic, well-produced content and useful information across the board. The brand hosts giveaways under their subscription service titled The Mainstreet Metro, offering the most-hyped sneakers at competitive prices, motivating customers to enter these games and creating a buzz around the culture.

For Vedant and the team behind Mainstreet, the hype isn’t always a true representation of the people within the scene, and sneaker culture doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. Their content platform titled Mainstreet TV is a reflection that anyone can be a part of hype culture with the right amount of knowledge, openness, and enthusiasm.

MainstreetTV launched as a YouTube channel on 4th December 2017. With the help of YouTube videos and vlogs that Vedant created initially, Mainstreet encourages users to buy into the sneaker subculture. Still in its nascent stages but growing at an exponential rate, The Mainstreet Marketplace comprises a store in Mumbai and is set to launch a Delhi outlet in the near future.