These 4 startups are leading the way in reviving the cyber security industry with technology

The world has undergone a digital revolution as a result of the world’s rapid technological advancement and internet adoption rates.The development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology like computer vision and artificial intelligence have significantly increased cybersecurity measures.Data has replaced oil in the eyes of cybercriminals who are attempting to use technology to break into networks, assault systems, and access data.

Organizations are becoming increasingly conscious of the need for proactive, powerful cyber security solutions and sound tactics to avoid attacks or significantly reduce their damage. As a result, there are ever more investments being made in this field and cyber security firms are springing up everywhere. Today, there are more than 3000 cyber security firms around the world working to alter how businesses of all shapes and sizes see cyber security.

We have narrowed down the list of 4 tech startup that clout the technology to revolutionize cybersecurity industry:

WiJungle: WiJungle is World’s first Unified Network Security Platform that enables businesses to manage and secure their entire network through a single window. It comprehensively caters to the capabilities of the Network Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Hotspot Gateway, DLP, Vulnerability Assessment, etc. and thus not only eradicates the need to have several standalone security products but also reduces the capital investment of an organization by up to 60 percent & simplifies the day-day management along with scalability challenges. Wijungle is the world’s first all-in-one appliance that eradicates the need to have several standalone security products like Network Firewall, Guest Management Solutions, Web Application Firewall, Routers, Proxy Servers, etc.

Seconize: Seconize is a Bangalore-based cybersecurity startup offering cloud-based, AI/ML-enabled, automated security solutions to enterprises that are embracing digitization. These solutions enable enterprises to de-risk themselves in a cohesive, continuous, and consistent manner through proactive risk assessment, identification, remediation, and management across all IT assets with real-time risk posture and zero human error. Their solution automates the analysis of gaps in the regional and global regulatory and compliance requirements

Lucideus: Lucideus was incubated in IIT Bombay. It has developed a Cyber Risk Quantification platform SAFE (Security Assessment Framework for Enterprises) which is used by enterprises globally. This platform helps enterprises measure and mitigate cyber risks objectively in real-time and tells an organization the likelihood of breaches that can occur in the next 12 months. Lucideus has also made its brand name internationally.

HaltDos: Noida-based HaltDos is an IT security company providing AI-based network and application security solutions both on-premise and on-cloud. HaltDos claims to be World’s first Integrated WAF & DDoS mitigation solution that ‘Detects, Mitigates & Monitors’ network/Application on a continuous basis to protect from DDoS & Web Application attacks.HaltDos offers total DDoS and WAF security with an On-Premise DDoS mitigation appliance as well as with the DDoS protection over the cloud which provides enterprise-class Layer 3 to Layer 7 always-on DDoS mitigation that minimizes application downtime and latency.