Thriving amidst disruptions: Why Bhagyashri’s upskilling journey is redefining resilience

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In the current competitive landscape, continuous learning and upskilling are of paramount importance in driving professional success. Acquiring new skills to meet evolving workplace demands acts as a catalyst to unlock growth avenues, stay relevant, foster personal development, and gain a competitive edge. At a time when disruptions are taking shape rapidly, becoming resilient by upskilling is essential to thrive in a dynamic environment. The example of how Bhagyashri, a young professional, navigated through her career challenges and is achieving success, perfectly illustrates why upskilling is no longer a choice but a necessity.

An engineering graduate holding a postgraduate degree in management, she had been working with a telecom major for 3 years. However, she soon found herself caught in the midst of disruption caused by a merger, which resulted in the discontinuation of some departments, affecting her professionally. It was at this moment that she realized she needed to acquire new skills to withstand disruptions and thrive.

“I completed a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Petroleum Engineering. Following that, I pursued an MBA with a focus on Marketing. In total, I have 8 years of work experience across various sectors. I worked at a leading telecom company for 3 years following my MBA. However, after the merger of two telecom giants, various departments were hit and eventually discontinued. Consequently, I realized the need and importance of upskilling myself. Change is inevitable and to withstand change one needs to be prepared to take it head on. In my case, skills became the most needed support mechanism so I chose the path less taken.” she elaborated.

Her search for upskilling programs led her to discover Hero Vired’s “Certificate Program in Strategic Management and Business Essentials”—a course that matched all her preferences and needs.

“I searched for many courses in Data Science and Business Analytics, but I didn’t find any program as interesting until I came across this one from Hero Vired in collaboration with INSEAD. After browsing their website, I obtained the brochure carrying comprehensive details about the course faculty, curriculum, and others. I enrolled in the course in April this year and found it to be highly interactive, case-study driven, and engaging,” she said.

Apart from providing her with subject matter knowledge and expertise, the course’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, open hours with the professors, and engaging classes with faculty enabled her to track her progress, solve doubts, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the subjects to develop expertise and brush up her skills.

“I realized I was in good hands. I received excellent support at Vired. We feel free to ask any doubts to the faculty at any time. We have simulations, case studies, and classes with INSEAD faculty on both online and offline platforms. As a part of this course, we are working on two projects that will help us tackle real-life business problems as well. I am also leading a team for a project on research of the Indian Economy, and another one on a private company where we learn business by doing business,” she added.

Bhagyashri’s upskilling journey is inspirational, as she has gained new confidence by working on her personal and professional growth. She serves as an example for many talented professionals who aspire to chart new horizons in their careers through continuous learning and development.