Top Home Appliances to get you winter-ready

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A major part of the country has already started witnessing the winter waves and it is that perfect time of the year when we all just want to get into our warm little cocoons. While getting into our blankets and quilts is still the most preferred and comfortable option we have. But staying in bed all day is not practical with work to perform. We have listed here some of the home appliances that help you stay warm and active throughout the dry winter months.

1. Surya Qubo Water Heater: Winters can be harsh, but the pioneering technology of Surya applied in the Storage Water Heaters allows you to enjoy the warmth and soothing comfort of heated water in a matter of minutes. The advanced technology of Surya Storage Water Heaters incorporates the best to give out the best and lets you the easy accessibility of hot water whenever you want it enabling you to save both time and money. The best of products with glass-lined tank technology and BEE rating makes it optimum when it comes to both durability and energy efficiency.

2. Surya Grill Sandwich Maker: Whether it’s a morning breakfast or evening snack, nothing can beat the crispness that Surya Sandwich Makers add to your sandwiches. Not only it is efficient, but the Surya Sandwich Maker also lets you experiment and make a large variety of sandwiches such as grilled sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, cheese toasties, sandwich melts, and a lot more. Surya Sandwich Makers’ special large grooves make sandwiches more filler. This product can be the perfect pick for chilled winter days.

3. Surya Roshni Room Heater: Getting perfect warmth on chilly winter days is almost as difficult as a herculean task. This is why room heaters become mandatory in all homes. This Surya oiled filled radiator come up with three heat setting, an adjustable thermostat, 500W PTC fan for faster heating and ease of mobility, the Oil Filled Radiator makes your life comfortable indoors no matter how cold it gets outside. Made with cutting-edge technology, the Surya Oil Filled Radiators helps in easy breathing by not depleting any oxygen content of the air and maintaining the room humidity with extreme efficiency. It is the safest way to warm your homes.

4. The Surya Smart Downlighters: Lights are not only there to décor your rooms but to also give you a customized feeling. These Surya Smart Downlighters are tunable, with the ability to change from warm to cool light, with different intensities. They are also dimmable, to allow you to change the lighting according to the mood that you want to set. Multiple Smart Downlighters can be controlled with a single remote, and a timer can be set to switch off the lights.

5. Surya Electric kettle: Winter mornings and a cup of steaming coffee go hand in hand, and for that investing in a good electric kettle Is an advisable investment. This Surya electric kettle comes up with a stainless-steel finish and plastic finish with long-lasting performance. The exclusively designed kettle boils water for your perfect cup of coffee or tea.