Toyota Technical Training Institute contributes to Skill India mission through ‘Toyota Kaushalya’ Program

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Toyota TechnicalBangalore, June 2023: In its constant endeavor to support ‘Skill India’, Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI) through its ‘Toyota Kaushalya’ Program continues to admit students from rural Karnataka to cultivate a pool of skilled industry-ready technicians. This program provides training to academically oriented students from economically challenged backgrounds in Karnataka free of cost, empowering them to become skilled technicians in the field of automobile sector.

Given the present era of technological advancements and the pressing need for skilled professionals, knowledge of advanced technologies and skills training is of paramount importance to be future-ready. In this regard, TTTI addresses the industry’s requirement for skilled manpower by imparting world-class skills training to aspiring individuals from rural Karnataka, including the overall development of the student from rural youth to world-class technicians.

The Toyota Kaushalya program offers a two-year free residential course that provides a unique opportunity for youth to acquire skills relevant to the manufacturing industry and enhance their employment potential. The program follows a ‘Learn and Earn’ approach, combining theoretical learning with On-the-Job Training (OJT). During their training, these aspiring students will have the privilege of being mentored by experienced supervisors who are Master Trainers in their respective fields. This ensures that they receive high-quality training and develop expertise in line with industrial culture and standards. The trainees will also be provided with high skills, deep knowledge, and healthy body and mind training.

Mr. G. Shankara, Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, of TKM & TKAP, expressing his thoughts, said “Toyota’s unwavering dedication lies in imparting expertise and nurturing young talent into the world-class resource. The Toyota Kaushalya program has effectively cultivated a talent pool of industry-ready technicians, making profound contributions to the Skill India Mission, and upholding our values of ‘Producing Happiness for All.’ Through this initiative, we empower youth with the skills and knowledge of advanced technologies to meet the ever-growing requirements of the Auto industry.”

The graduates of TTTI have consistently enjoyed a high employment rate, and excellent job opportunities within Karnataka, India, and overseas. Additionally, TTTI’s efforts have been acknowledged by the Japan India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM) for their contribution to the Make-in-India and Skill India Mission initiatives. Over the years, TTTI has successfully graduated more than 900 students, many of whom have achieved commendable feats at prestigious competitions such as the National Skill Contest and World Skills Contest, thereby bringing pride to the nation.

TTTI also offers the regular 3-year free training course to students from economically challenged sections across Karnataka to become skilled technicians in the Auto sector. The curriculum focuses on the holistic development of the students through knowledge, skill, body, and attitude development.

The Toyota Kaushalya program was started in the year 2021 and admission for the 2023 program is currently open as per the details below. TTTI invites applications from students including female candidates, across Karnataka for Toyota Kaushalya admissions.