Trehan Iris collaborates with BOLT to facilitate EV charging stations in Iris Tech Park and Iris Broadway in Gurugram

Trehan Iris collaborates with BOLT to facilitate EV charging stations in Iris Tech Park and Iris Broadway in Gurugram

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Trehan Iris, a veteran and leading real estate player has partnered with BOLT, India’s largest EV Charging Network, to set up 10 EV charging stations in Iris Tech Park in Sohna Road and Iris Broadway Mall in Sec- 85-86, Gurugram. The BOLT – Trehan Iris partnership will provide EV users access to charging infrastructure while they are at the technology park. With this partnership, the companies plan to install the BOLT EV charging solution in more locations at their project.

Trehan IRIS envisioned the value of tech-oriented sustainable development and endeavors to bring in such practices in all projects. The group has executed super-specialty real-estate projects utilizing the strengths of modern techniques, innovative designs, and international management processes. The group keeps striving to adopt the latest technology-enabled systems facilitating a seamless and enhanced experience for its customers.

Aman Trehan, Executive Director, Trehan Iris said “We have always been working on facilitating the enhanced experience for the visitors to our properties. We are glad to partner with the BOLT team for setting up these EV charging stations in Iris Tech Park and Iris Broadway as it is one such initiative in facilitating the seamless and affordable EV infrastructure for the visitors and other people. This will also give a much-needed boost to the adoption of EVs amongst people further encouraging the shift towards sustainable and carbon-free mobility in the country.”

According to the MoU signed, BOLT will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the charging stations. Facilitating the ease of locating the nearest charging station, the BOLT app will enable users to navigate the nearest charging station from their location. The app will also provide other details like rate per hour, station availability, charger health, slots availability for pre-booking, and owner contact details. Based on the pay and use model, the charging stations would be available as per the timings of the venue i.e., Iris Tech Park and Iris Broadway. As per the requirement, customers can decide the duration of the charging, and once payment is done, the charging will start and the BOLT device will stop the charging once the set duration is completed. This will benefit thousands of visitors at Iris Broadway, Gurugram every day who can get their electric vehicle charged while they relish the time in shopping, dining, and entertaining activities.

Jyotiranjan Harichandan, Cofounder, BOLT said “This partnership will help support the adoption of electric vehicles with those working and visiting tech parks. By providing fast, cost-effective, easy and simple charging infrastructure solutions, BOLT aims at electrifying 1,00,000 parking spaces in tech parks over the next three years in the country.”

BOLT is India’s largest EV charging network, comprising the universal BOLT Charging Point and the BOLT Operating System Developed with the objective of building a strong EV charging infrastructure, it is India’s first dedicated network of IoT-enabled EV charging points connecting riders across the country. Made-in-India, BOLT is a universal charging point which is compatible with any portable charger that comes with EVs and works with the existing AC power supply everywhere. Over 10,000 BOLT charging points have already been installed across 100 different cities in India, with an installed capacity of over 33000KW and 50,000 active users. BOLT is also on track to deploy 100,000 charging points in the next 6 months across India in response to the overwhelming demand for a safe, reliable and affordable EV charging infrastructure combined with collaboration with other EV ecosystem players.