TTC AgriS International Partners Day 2024: Global cooperation for a future of sustainable development

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SINGAPORE, June 4, 2024 — Thanh Thanh Cong – Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company (TTC AgriS, Ticker: SBT), Vietnam’s leading multinational agricultural enterprise, recently welcomed over 60 senior leaders from Government agencies and strategic partners for exchange and networking at TTC AgriS International Partners Day 2024, held at Shangri-la, Singapore in late May 2024. This large-scale event also serves as a platform to connect strategic partners, marking the 55th anniversary of the TTC AgriS brand in shaping sustainable global agriculture.


The integrated platform of shared values on a global scale

TTC AgriS International Partners Day 2024 with the theme “Harnessing Innovation – Advancing Together” brings together over 60 representatives from Governmental agencies of Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and TTC AgriS’s strategic partners: financial institutions, banks, research institutes, policy development organizations, consulting firms, major partners in the agricultural sector, etc.

In 2024, TTC AgriS marks its 55-year journey: TTC AgriS Responsible Value Chain – 55 years and beyond. This event also serves as an occasion for TTC AgriS to honor the partnership of its collaborators for the company’s success over the years. Simultaneously, it sets the momentum for responsible cooperative commitments and sustainable assurance, establishing new values for the next phase of growth for TTC AgriS.

Sharing the vision of open integration with the demand for green and sustainable development, as the international agricultural sector undergoes significant transitions towards green finance, according to expanded international standards, Mrs. Dang Huynh Uc My (Omi Dang) – Vice Chairlady of TTC AgriS – believes that in the face of urgent challenges our planet, from climate change to biodiversity loss, political instability, food security crisis, etc, there needs to be cooperation among all like-minded organizations to preserve natural values, with humans at the center of development. “We are extremely proud to have the steadfast and dedicated support of leading entities participating in the TTC AgriS Value Chain on the same platform for exchange, deep and wide-ranging connections in science and technology – circular economy, value resonance, and promoting sustainable development investments”, Mrs. Omi Dang added.

Currently, TTC AgriS is aiming to link all “blocs” together on a multi-dimensional network to increase commercial value and optimize the crop value chain. This not only contributes to promoting the economy of all parties involved, but also plays a crucial role in the fight against climate change, contributing to the comprehensive development of society, and aiming for sustainable development.

Shaping the future of circular agriculture

At this special event, TTC AgriS, along with representatives from the Singaporean government – EDB, leading financial institution – IFC, and technology consulting company – AWS, exchanged insights on the power of extensive partnerships on a global scale, to promote national goals for sustainable development of the international business community along with support from the Government.

Specifically, experts collectively provided multidimensional perspectives on technology resources and green finance, an expanding international commodity value chain, and a responsible circular economy, built by inter-generational with sufficient capacity to collaborate in promoting the global value chain in the spirit of respect for diversity.

Emphasizing the importance of multinational alliances, TTC AgriS also outlined potential expansions in strengthening collective commitments to address urgent challenges of climate change, food security, and sustainable agriculture practices. Through various exchange initiatives, TTC AgriS reaffirms its position as a bridging entity, mastering a platform that unleashes collaboration, and creating synergistic values on a global scale – contributing to the sustainable development of the national agricultural sector in the international arena alongside relevant stakeholders.

The TTC AgriS International Partners Day 2024 event successfully connected leading partners for numerous potential projects. Leveraging this momentum, within the vision of the brand’s forthcoming decades, TTC AgriS commits to continuing to pioneer steps in sustainable agricultural economics, optimizing value-added for stakeholders across global trade chain.