TV9 Bangla lit up ‘Praner Alo’ this Kali pujo and Diwali

TV9 Bangla

TV9 Bangla commemorates the Indian Singer, Pannalal Bhattacharya, a trendsetter in Bengali Shyama Sangeet

Kolkata 3rd Nov: TV9 Bangla’s ‘Praner Alo’ aims to mesmerize the viewers by presenting a whole set of new experience. The program line-ups comprise of ‘Banglar Satipith’, ‘Oth Na Phutey Mon’, ‘Motth-er Kotha’ and ‘Kolkatar Kali’. The concept of this program has been derived from the heart of Bengal, the sentiments that has been carried since decades, the lifelong desires, the flame in the soul of every Bengalis that has been kept illuminating in their hearts throughout years. Touching the sensations and the beliefs of religious sentiments of every Bengalis, TV9 Bangla aims to deliver to the viewers illuminating their lamps in their heart and that is what ‘Praner Alo’ denotes.

‘Banglar Satipeeth’ unfolds tales from Hindu Mythology where various legends bring out the existence of the Satipeeths. The story of Dakhsha Yagna appears to be significant to establish the formation of ShaktiPeethas, the temples of the Hindu Divine Mother, referring to the legend in the Hindu scriptures where after the yagna (sacrifice) organized by Daksha, his daughter Sati immolated herself and the wrath of Lord Shiva, Sati’s husband destroyed the sacrifice. TV9 Bangla broadcasts the history, formation, and significance of the Satipeethas in Bengal in some 7 blazing episodes of 30 mins each from 28th Oct to 3rd Nov from 9.30 pm to 10 pm IST.

With special reference to TV9 Bangla’s tagline ‘Prothom Thekei Prothome’, the never-seen-before exclusive broadcasts from TV9 Bangla, ‘Oth Na Phutey Mon’ is a one hour telecast where ‘Praner Alo’ pays tribute to the legend of Bengali Shyama sangeet (songs dedicated to goddess Kali), Pannalal Bhattacharya. This program embodies the kind of music he sang, his lifestyle, his outlook towards life, and the way he ended his life. TV9 Bangla will telecast this program on 4th Nov from 2pm onwards.

‘Motth-er Kotha’ is an hour-long journey that enumerates the origin and establishment of Ramkrishna Mission. In 1897, 1st May, scholar and disciple of Lord Sri Ramkrishna, Swami Vivekananda had established the institution dedicated to the Lord Sri Ramkrishna. Inspired from the new beginnings of nationalism, religious and castes for the nurture of human beings, this institution has come into being. Amidst of all the challenges, this religious institution stands tall. TV9 Bangla showcase glimpse of the narrations on the factual based content on a special News Series, ‘Motth-er Kotha’. Praner Alo takes the viewers through some 60 mins ecstatic program on 30th Oct with original telecast from 10am to 11am and repeat on 4th Nov from 10 am-11 am.

Watch the ongoing episodes of the bumper-to-bumper episodic programs of ‘Praner Alo’ from 28th Oct onwards on TV9 Bangla exclusively.