Ujjivan SFB achieves 50,000 vaccinations amongst low-income urban, remote rural communities, aims 100,000 vaccinations by March 2022

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New Delhi, January 25, 2022: Ujjivan Small Finance Bank today announced that it had achieved the landmark of 50,000 vaccinations amongst the low-income population residing in urban, semi-urban and remote rural geography in just less than 5 months, organizing vaccination camps for the general public coming within the purview of the Bank’s Operational areas and those in the vicinity across 434 branches in 18 states and union territory of Puducherry. The bank now aims to achieve another 50,000 vaccinations within these lower-income groups, including those residing in remotest locations to achieve overall 100,000 vaccinations by March 31, 2022.

Ujjivan SFB has attributed the success in achieving landmark vaccination to its own employees who contributed to creating awareness about the importance of vaccination and in persuading the bottom of the pyramid low-income group people to get vaccinated. About 30 per cent of those vaccinated were getting inoculated for the first time, and the remaining large segment of 70 per cent, completed double vaccination.

The Bank also announced its contribution of INR 10,00,000 to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, which is channelizing efforts to help eradicate the virus that had spread the pandemic across the country.

Following the Government of India’s directions on mandated vaccine guidelines, the staff of Ujjivan SFB branches collaborated with local hospitals and community centres to create vaccine confidence, through trusted partnerships with healthcare facilities, emphasising the importance of vaccination and getting themselves protected from the threat of the dreaded global pandemic.

Speaking on the initiative and achievement of 58,000 vaccinations amongst the low-income group in about 5 months, Mr. Ittira Davis, MD&CEO, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, said, “At Ujjivan SFB, we are committed to ensuring the welfare of our employees, customers and the community. With active involvement of our employees, support from our partners and medical fraternity, we have tried to overcome the barriers against vaccination, and got individuals living in remote rural areas to get vaccinated.”

“Enthused by the success, we now have set a target of achieving another 50,000 vaccinations in double quick time to achieve overall 100,000 vaccinations by March 2022 amongst the low-income fraternity within our society, Mr. Davis added.

Ujjivan SFB has successfully transformed itself into one of the leading mass-market banks to serve the vast unserved and under-served customer base outside the formal banking system. Ujjivan SFB started its banking operations in February 2017. With 575 branches, Ujjivan SFB has established its presence across 24 States and Union Territories.