UPSC Prelims All India Free Mock Test Series – Rau’s IAS Pre-Pareekshan Tests

Pre Pareekshan 2024Rau’s IAS Pre-Pareekshan tests give you the real feel of the UPSC Prelims exam and are based on the way UPSC has been asking questions in the actual Prelims

Rau’s IAS is offering a free series of mock tests called Pre-Pareekshan to help students prepare for the UPSC Prelims exam in 2024.

These tests are designed to simulate the real exam, giving students a chance to test their knowledge, understand the exam pattern, and see where they stand among competitors nationwide.

It is time again to start revising, competing, and benchmarking your performance vis. a vis. the real competition; at the ALL India Level.

Upcoming Pre-Pareekshan Tests for UPSC Prelims 2024

1. Mock 1 (FLT) – GS 17th & 18th Feb 2024
2. Mock 2 (FLT) – GS – 16th & 17th Mar 2024
3. Mock 3 (FLT) – GS – 20th & 21st April 2024