Vedanta Value-Added Business Upgrades Chemistry Lab

Chem lab 3Vedanta’s Value-Added Business (VAB) dedicated the revamped Chemistry Laboratory at Government College Khandola for Arts, Science, and Commerce (GCKASC) to the students & youth of Navelim. This initiative by Vedanta is aimed at significantly upgrading the educational infrastructure in and around Amona & Navelim. Coupled with a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two entities, the development bodes well for the future of the students.

The facility was inaugurated by Mr. Saptesh Sardesai, CEO of Value-Added Business & Cement Vedanta Ltd, and Prof. Purnkala Samant, Principal of GCKASC. With the upgradation carried out, the best of the lab work related facilities are now available for the students which will have a definite and positive impact on their learning outcomes. The upgraded lab further facilitates the conduct of Board Practical Tests and other related assessments at a standard at par with other well-equipped institutions.

The upgradations include Heidolph Chiller Hei-Chill 600, Heidolph Vacuum Pump, Heidolph Rotary Evaporator, High Precision Analytical Balance, Ventilation and Replenishment Valve, Wet Island Table and Oven Make Meta lab. The infusion of advanced technology into the laboratory is poised to elevate the standard of education at the college. Furthermore, the upgrades aid a deeper exploration of the intricacies of chemistry by the students and will help inculcate scientific temper in the young minds.

In a related development, Value Added Business (VAB) also formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GCKASC wherein the company has committed to continue to collaborate with the college on infrastructure upgrades, conduct of exposure visits, and idea exchange programs, knowledge transfer, soft skills development through sessions with experts from various fields. The MOU was formalised during the ‘Converge’ event, organized by the Directorate of Higher Education in association with the Training, Internship, and Placement Cell (TIP) and Institute Innovation Council (IIC) of the GCKASC.

Prof. Purnkala Samant, Principal of Government College Khandola Arts, Science, and Commerce College, highlighted the transformative impact of Vedanta VAB’s support, stating, “Initiatives such as the upgrade of the Chemistry Lab from Vedanta VAB go a long way in providing students with the quality experience and learning facilities. It also facilitates the conversion of ideas into innovation for our rural-based society. We have associated with Vedanta Ltd for a long time and the CSR initiatives have been truly meaningful. The formalisation of the MOU is another welcome development and significantly contributes to the long-term and bright future for the students.”

Mr. Saptesh Sardesai, CEO of Value-Added Business & Cement Vedanta Ltd, expressed, “Education is the cornerstone of societal progress, and Vedanta VAB is proud to contribute to this noble cause. Our investment in the revamped Chemistry Laboratory at Govt College Khandola reflects our commitment to empowering students with the tools they need for academic success. We are also involved in similar projects at other educational institutions and through these initiatives we are, in line with our philosophy of ‘giving back’, continuously endeavoring to contribute towards a bright future for the youth and the students. The formalisation of the MOU is a unique opportunity for us as well as the college and we will ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for the students through this uniquely structured Industry–Academia connect.”

Vedanta’s Value-Added Business continues to be at the forefront of initiatives that contribute to the betterment of education and the overall development of society. The revamped chemistry laboratory at Government College Khandola Arts, Science, and Commerce stands as a testament to Vedanta VAB’s ongoing efforts to empower students and enhance the learning landscape. Similar projects are underway in schools at Amona. Other than this, the company has also been assisting schools with the provisioning of RO water dispensers and renovation of computer labs.