Vieroots to create 1000 Certified Lifestyle Coaches

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Vieroots to create 1000 Certified Lifestyle Coaches

Mumbai, 28th March 2023: Viegyan Academy, the wellness education division of Bangalore-based Vieroots Wellness Solutions, will train and certify 1000 Certified Lifestyle Coaches within a year. Already, 215 candidates have successfully completed the course in this sunrise field.

Viegyan Academy launched the Certification Program in Lifestyle Coaching, accredited by the Indian Association of Functional Medicine (IAFM) and designed by doctors specialised in preventive or functional medicine, in 2022.

“We are undoubtedly one of the largest players in online education and up-skilling. Today, skills in fields as varied as English language, data dashboard and business development, are taught online by coaches, and candidates are flocking to them. If there is a domain that is destined to beat every other domain in terms of coaching, it is “wellness and prevention” for the reason that every person on the planet benefits from receiving lifestyle coaching,” said Sajeev Nair, Founder and Chairman, Vieroots Wellness Solutions

“Wellness and prevention” is an emerging subset of the healthcare domain, which is at present dominated by diagnostics and treatments. That is already changing as “wellness and prevention” is growing at 15% CAGR which is more than double the pace of the healthcare sector’s 7%. Global studies by leading consultancy firms say that preventive healthcare will overtake treatment-oriented healthcare in 10 to 15 years and yield 60% of the overall healthcare revenues.

This change is driven by the discerning middle- and upper-class which realise the pitfalls of relying solely on diagnostics and treatments, as they kick in only after a disease has advanced. In contrast, “wellness and prevention” aims at safeguarding people through lifestyle modifications.

“When it comes to diseases, people know whom to go to: doctors. But when it comes to maintaining good health, they have no idea whom to approach. A fitness trainer can provide fitness plans; a dietitian can give a diet plan. If the objective is to get a total plan for good health, there is no place to go at present. This is where Health Coaches come in. As the preventive health market is growing, the demand for health coaches also will grow,” said Mr. Nair.

The global online coaching market size was valued at around USD 1938 million and is projected to reach USD 4567 million by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 13.4% during the forecast period, 2022–2030. The growth is attributed to increasing demand for virtual training services and online coaching platforms.

Today, people in India have access to personalised lifestyle modifications, which have been the real game-changer in the “wellness and prevention” domain in developed countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea. The parent company of Viegyan, the health-tech startup Vieroots Wellness Solutions, has been the only company in India to introduce Personalised Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications through its flagship product EPLIMO.

This innovation is opening up opportunities for specialists like dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, ayurvedic doctors, alternative therapists, yoga teachers, meditation coaches and counsellors to take their practice to the next level by becoming Viegyan Certified Lifestyle Coaches. While a bachelor’s degree in sciences or life sciences will be helpful, anyone passionate about wellness, coaching, fitness and healthcare delivery can become a Certified Lifestyle Coach.

Clients approach Lifestyle Coaches for various wellness-related aspects such as weight management, enhancing energy levels, peak performance, coming out of depression, eliminating negative thoughts, creating a personalised diet or exercise plan. A Viegyan Certified Lifestyle Coach will be empowered to deal with all these issues. They will also be trained on Lifestyle Modifications for a client using genetic and metabolic data with the help of epigenetics.

This course is delivered completely online, and Viegyan’s past student profiles were mostly from metros, and tier 2 & tier 3 cities, where more people have the propensity to be affected with lifestyle diseases, and are more concerned about their wellness and peak performance.

The duration of the course is two months, in which the candidates will get access to the online content of the course. There are practical sessions which start from the second month onward during which they will be exposed to real-life case scenarios.

The fee for the course is Rs.1,24,900 plus taxes. For the first few batches, Viegyan is offering the course at a special fee of Rs. 69,900. To enrol for the course, visit