Wakefit.co rebrands to showcase its innovative home solutions for the Progressive Yet Practical audience

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Wakefit.coMumbai, 04th July 2023: Wakefit.co, India’s leading sleep and home solutions company, recently unveiled its new identity, signifying the company’s brand purpose of simplifying living for a better quality of life. The brand believes that a home isn’t just a place where you live; it’s a living, breathing space where life happens, creating room for infinite possibilities within its walls. As a consumer-centric brand, Wakefit.co endeavors to walk with its consumers through their various life transitions and make these transitions easy, effortless, and memorable. The brand offers innovative and high-quality home solutions that help people make the most of their homes. Developed in partnership with its brand partner, Spring Marketing Capital, the rebranding exercise by Wakefit.co is a concerted effort to create affinity towards its home solutions range and position itself as a one-stop shop for all home solutions in India.

Wakefit.co brand logo,

Wakefit.co also unveiled its new brand logo, ‘The Infinity Home’. The logo symbolises that every aspect of our home – the people, the furniture, the stories, the decor – come together in infinite ways. Take the dining table for instance; a hotspot for dinnertime conversations, it doubles up as a work desk during the day. The L-shaped sofa and armchair are set in place carefully to make enough space for a side table. But at the end of a family gathering, they find themselves in a completely different room. Surprisingly, the humble-looking wardrobe swallows those extra hoodies bought last month. And the bookshelf can’t decide if it should accommodate more books or more money plants.

A home is a living, breathing being. It has fully functioning systems, unspoken rules made on the go, infinite moods, and energy exchanges. And all of this is possible at Wakefit.co. The “Infinity Home” concept (line drawing) further gets extended to primary and secondary iconography as well.

The Brand Colors:Wakefit.co
The new colors of Wakefit.co draw inspiration from the magical colors of dawn and dusk, reminding people that Wakefit’s solutions are here to brighten the mornings and make the evenings even more enchanting. Dawn represents comfort and empathy, while Dusk is the color of trust, creativity, and imagination. It is perfect for the start of infinite possibilities. After having some insightful conversations with its customers, the brand had an epiphany. It was discovered that people feel most cozy and at home during those magical moments right before sunrise and sunset, which was captured and incorporated into Wakefit.co’s brand colors.

The new brand identity will be visible across online and offline channels and will be reflected in brand campaigns, retail stores, packaging material, the website, marketplaces, and all other collateral. The brand aims to continue providing its consumers with maximum value through its eclectic product offerings, which include furniture, furnishings, lighting, decor, dinnerware, and more, apart from its flagship sleep solutions portfolio.

Sharing his views on the company’s rebranding, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director and Co-founder, Wakefit.co, said, “Our new identity perfectly aligns with our core thought of enabling individuals to make the most of their homes. At Wakefit.co, we are committed to simplifying living and providing innovative home solutions. The rebranding highlights our dedication to helping individuals navigate life stage transitions and find products that balance aspirations with practicality. We firmly believe that our offerings empower customers to create spaces that truly enhance their quality of life. “

PrateekMalpani, Head of Brand, Wakefit.co, said, “The rebranding is a symbol of our commitment to making people’s lives easier and simpler. The Wakefit 2.0 logo, which symbolises The Infinity Home, is a bold and modern representation of a home that evolves with the needs of the people and opens up infinite possibilities for them. By simplifying the home upgrade process and providing a diverse range of innovative products, Wakefit.co empowers individuals to unlock the full potential of their homes across various life stages. I am confident that this rebranding effort will help us reposition ourselves as an innovative and loved home solutions brand propelling our entry into people’s homes beyond the bedroom.”

Wakefit.co forayed into the home solutions space in 2020 with the vision to become India’s most loved home and sleep solutions brand. To fulfill this vision, the brand has made efforts towards omnichannel expansion, scaling supply chain operations by opening doors to India’s largest furniture factory and enhancing brand-building initiatives. The rebranding efforts align with the company’s business goals as it doubles down on its home solutions line to become a one-stop shop for everything home in India. The brand clocked in revenue of INR 825 crore in FY 2022–23 (per unaudited provisional financial statements) and now aims to cross the INR 1000 crore revenue mark in FY 2023–24.