Wiggles launches #AndhaPyaar, a campaign that celebrates a pet’s unconditional love


February 2023, India: In a world where judgment, misunderstanding, and feeling of loneliness are too common, pets have always been there to lend a paw and brighten days. Leveraging this insight, that affection and love from pets have no conditions, India’s leading homegrown pet care brand, Wiggles launches a quirky marketing campaign #AndhaPyaar ahead of Valentines’ Day. This campaign brings to light that the bond between pets and their parents comes with no strings, and is honest, pure and blind.

#AndhaPyaar features pet parents’ real-life experiences during challenging times and how they sought comfort with pets. The digital campaign that extends to social media is also powered by a digital contest thus driving consumer engagement. In addition to this, an exclusive Valentines’ weekend brunch is being hosted by the brand to drive camaraderie within the community. With a strong focus on emotional storytelling and community involvement, #AndhaPyaar reminisces special moments and love between pets and their parents.

Prashant Kohli- Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Prashant Kohli, Chief Marketing Officer, Wiggles, said, “At Wiggles, all our campaigns are crafted upon real insights that make the relationship between pets and their parents unlike any other. #AndhaPyaar brings focus to the unconditional love that pets have towards their parents, even in their darkest hour. In addition to the digital campaign, we have organised a community building exercise with Valentine’s weekend brunch that will further strengthen the brand’s proposition with consumers, directly. We hope that our campaigns encourage more people to welcome home pets and along with their unconditional love.”

#AndhaPyaar is live across social media platforms, digital media as well as the Wiggles website. In collaboration with Highland restaurant, Pune, Wiggles is hosting a brunch date for pets and pet parents on the 11th and 12th of February. #AndhaPyaar conceptualized and executed by Wiggle’s in-house creative team.