Xiaomi India joins hands with Stonesoup Trust to streamline waste management across Kannamangala Gram Panchayat in Karnataka

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Stonesoup+Xiaomi India

Bengaluru Jan 24, 2024: Xiaomi India, a global technology brand, has announced a partnership with Stonesoup Trust to launch a first-of-its-kind comprehensive waste management initiative in Kannamangala Gram Panchayat. The project’s objective is to minimize waste generation at its origin and handle it locally and responsibly. It will specifically tackle the significant waste management issues confronted by communities within the gram panchayat. The emphasis will be on efficient source segregation and adopting sustainable waste processing practices. Kannamangala Gram Panchayat aims to set a precedent for others by taking charge of their waste management and illustrating the principles of a circular economy.

As part of the ‘Namma Swachha Kannamangala’ campaign, Stonesoup Trust will work with Kannamangala Gram Panchayat, Citizen Group Force GW, and MLA’s Mahadevpura Task Force. Gram Panchayat has 6 settlements, 14 gated communities, and 80+ commercial establishments. They will oversee the implementation of the project including waste segregation at the source, collection, and the processing of wet and dry waste. A women SHG group, Bharathambe Sanjeevani Grama Panchayat Organization will be trained to build awareness and run operations to ensure long-term sustainability.

Commenting on the partnership, Muralikrishnan B, President, of Xiaomi India, said, “At Xiaomi India, we have always been committed to environmental sustainability and community welfare. Collaborating with Stonesoup Trust underscores our dedication to creating a substantial positive change in Kannamangala. Through the implementation of a resilient waste management system, we intend to bring tangible benefits to the entire community. We aim to efficiently handle 100% of the wet waste at the panchayat level as we aspire to pave the way for a cleaner and more eco-friendly future in Kannamangala.”

Stonesoup will work closely with the Mahadevapura task force and Force GW, to compost wet waste at the local processing center. The gram panchayat is actively involved in providing essential civil infrastructure, including a well-maintained road, land, and shed, to facilitate waste management. To ensure effective waste collection, women from the SHG team are equipped with information and vehicles to collect segregated waste. Subsequently, the wet waste will undergo composting, and the dry waste will be sorted and sent for recycling.

Malini Parmar, Founder Stonesoup.in, “We are pleased to partner with Xiaomi India for this significant waste management initiative and work closely with local stakeholders. We aim to create a sustainable model for waste composting and contribute to a healthier environment for the villagers. We have looked at transforming and mechanizing processes to improve working conditions in waste. This initiative showcases the power of collective efforts in bringing about positive change and inspires us to continue our mission of building a greener future.”

Lingaraj Urs, a Member of Panchayat said, “Our waste is our responsibility. We appreciate that Stonesoup Trust and Xiaomi have come together to help us achieve Namma Swachha Kannamangala’s goal, which is to manage waste locally while creating employment for women SHGs. What started as a pilot project in a small village in Bevinimara, today has been scaled up to include 5 more villages. We hope this model will become a template for other Gram panchayat to manage their waste.”

Xiaomi India has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the environment and people through its dedicated efforts. From sustainable waste management collaborations to impactful social initiatives, Xiaomi India strives to make a positive difference by promoting environmental sustainability.