XS.com Joins as Global Sponsor for the Trading Influencers Awards in Kuala Lumpur

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XS.com Joins as Global Sponsor for the Trading Influencers Awards in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia, 8th May 2023 – XS.com, the global fintech and financial services provider, has recently announced that it will be participating in the Trading Influencers Awards as the event’s Global Sponsor – this event aims to honour outstanding traders and top trading influencers in the financial industry. The awards ceremony will be organised by the TradingLiveteam and will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The event which will show recognition for influencers for categories including Best Quantitative Trader, Best Marketing Trader and Best Forex Strategies Analyst is scheduled to take place on 14th May at the Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel. Participants have over the past weeks voted for their favourite influencers.

The ceremony will be attended by top influencers from the trading and financial services industry as well as managers from brokerages including of course the Global Sponsor’s management team – 100s of people from around the world will gather to celebrate the achievements of these key individuals.

Andrea Ilies, the Global Head of events at XS.com, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming event, saying: “This event has brought the global finance community together. We look forward to meeting our existing clients, IB’s and partners who have been recognised with an award.”

She continued to say: “We are looking forward to networking with all the attendees while also promoting the XS Group’s vision of becoming the leading service provider for traders, IB’s and affiliates in the industry.”

TradingLivemanagement expressed gratitude towards XS.com for supporting the awards ceremony and being the Global Sponsor,and noted that the online trading industry for affiliates and IB’s is growing rapidly, with an increasing number of traders partaking in online investments and brokers building a strong international presence.

TradingLive is the world’s first multi-lingual financial streaming community dedicated to the mission of making learning about investments more efficient and making knowledge sharing easier. Organising events like this and partnering with exceptional brokers such as XS.com allows them to do this better than anyone else.