Zuno General Insurance unveils Zuno HealthPlus Policy: An Affordable & customisable Health Insurance plan

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New Delhi, 03 January 2024: Zuno General Insurance, a new-age digital insurer, introduces its latest health insurance policy – Zuno HealthPlus Policy. This innovative health insurance plan is designed to provide tailored coverage and benefits for individuals and families at an affordable premium.

This inflation-adjusted product allows coverage for up to 9 family members under a single policy, streamlining the process of managing multiple policies.

Zuno HealthPlus Policy caters to diverse needs, allowing individuals and families to choose from 20 different relationships for coverage. Product where a bachelor can insure themselves with basic health insurance and opt for adventure sports optional cover. Young couples can go for plans with maternity benefits and newborn covers. Looking at rising infertility, intending couples may also opt for infertility and surrogacy covers. A family with children can choose to go with Outpatient and worldwide covers. With no maximum entry age barrier, this policy offers cover to senior citizens.

In addition to these features, to make it even more accessible, policyholders can enjoy up to 20% zone-based discount based on their geographical location. Additionally, the policy offers long-term discounts of up to 10% and incentivizes an existing customer with a 5% discount on purchasing this policy. Not only this, but you also get a discount of 15% if you purchase directly from our website.

Announcing the launch of the new policy, Shanti Ghosh, MD & CEO of Zuno General Insurance said, “Zuno HealthPlus Policy reflects our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. We believe in making insurance simple, easy to understand, and accessible to all. Zuno HealthPlus Policy is a significant step in that direction. With high sums insured, no room rent capping, no sublimity or disease-wise capping including modern treatments and comprehensive coverage, it’s not just insurance —it’s peace of mind”

The new policy will primarily be accessible through its network of channel partners. Zuno HealthPlus Policy also gives leverage to its customers when it comes to medical screening. There will not be any medical test for coverage up to 20 lakhs, age of 55 years without extreme health conditions.

Zuno HealthPlus Policy ensures hassle-free healthcare with an extensive network of over 10,000 cashless hospitals. In times of emergency, the vast network eliminates the concern of finding a suitable facility. In case of admission to a non-network hospital, Zuno makes efforts to onboard it for cashless facilities. For reimbursement claims, Zuno offers a “Cash in Advance” facility, where Zuno pays an advance payment to the customer providing immediate support in emergencies. The 24 x 7 Claims Concierge provides expert guidance throughout the claims process ensuring prompt and seamless support to the policyholders making the customer experience stress-free.