52-Year-Old Anganwadi worker pursuing 12th Grade education

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52-Year-Old Anganwadi worker

Jaipur, 27th January 2023 – In an inspiring display of determination and perseverance, Sunita Sain, a 52-year-old anganwadi worker from NandGhar in Vatika village of Jaipur, has completed her 10th-grade education. She faced numerous challenges throughout her life, including early marriage and financial constraints, which initially prevented her from pursuing higher studies. However, her relentless passion for learning and self-improvement led her to enroll as an Anganwadi worker responsible for imparting primary education to the community’s children. With the motivation from project Nand Ghar and her daughter, she pursued and completed her 10th-grade education. The center gave her a stimulating environment to improve her skills and guided her throughout the journey of completing her class 10th education.

On International Education Day, Sunita Sain’s story becomes a living testament to the importance of education and the significance of women’s empowerment. Today, she is an inspiration of resilience to all.

Having completed her 10th standard, Sunita’s thirst for knowledge remains unquenched. Eager to continue her education, she is currently preparing for her 12th standard exams. Her favorite subjects include Hindi and Science, and she aspires to enhance her English proficiency, showcasing her commitment to lifelong learning. Sunita Sain’s story represents the transformative power of education, resilience, and community support. Through Nand Ghar, she not only contributes to the education of local children but also strives to fulfill her dreams, inspiring those around her with her indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to learning.

Nand Ghar, an initiative by the Anil Agarwal Foundation, the Social Impact Arm of Vedanta is a network of modern anganwadis that is transforming the lives of women and children with its presence across 14 states in India. It provides the communities with holistic development opportunities through early childhood education, health, nutrition, and skills, thus bridging the gap between urban and rural India and strengthening the Anganwadi ecosystem. In Jaipur, the Anil Agarwal Foundation has developed 1123 Nand Gharsimpacting almost 50,000 children and 35,000 women on their journey to education and empowerment. Anil Agarwal Foundation is committed to developing 29,000 Nand Ghars in Rajasthan.

Sunita is just one example of the positive impact created by the Nand Ghar initiative, illustrating the linkage between social advocacy and the real-world transformation they can bring about in the lives of the communities.