Calnestor Knowledge Solutions Launches Job Readiness Program for Engineers and Management Graduates

Calnestor Knowledge Solutions

Mumbai, 2nd November 2022: Calnestor Knowledge Solutions, one of the leading knowledge technology companies in India, has announced the launch of its Job Readiness Program through NEATmet which encompasses a series of comprehensive 60-hour online LIVE masterclasses to prepare recent graduates for the industry workforce. The program is ideally suited for graduate and postgraduate students of engineering, business administration, and management in addition to aspirant candidates seeking entry-level employment in the central and state governments, public sectors, banks, railways, defense, local authorities, corporations, MNCs, SMEs, and private sectors.

Job Readiness Program is a flagship initiative that aims to serve as a pathway for the aspiring youths of our country to achieve a rewarding career and yield them the real workplace skills that matter. It is an intensive program to prepare them for the jobs market with employability and life skills along with other much-required skill sets to crack decent jobs. In today’s working world, job readiness has become extremely essential. Candidates who are well-prepared for the workplace are more confident and equipped to succeed. Employers also strive to find skilled workers who have the training and skills needed to perform their jobs correctly and help the organization reach its goals.

The Job Readiness program will emphasize aptitude test preparation, interview preparation, soft skills development, basic IT skills development, strategic guidance, resume development, cover letter writing, and career counseling. It will include 60+ hours of online live classes, as well as recorded videos of IIT – IIM alumni serving as career coaches, learning materials, and resources with unlimited free access.

The Aptitude program will have a duration of 30 hours and will include Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Verbal Aptitude. The Interview preparation program will have a duration of 10 hours and will include Facing Interviews, Etiquette and Manners, Structured and unstructured Interviews, Self-Introduction, Behavioral Questions, and Technical and HR Interviews. The soft skill program will have a duration of 10 hours and will include Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Decision Making, Creative Thinking, Interpersonal Relationships, Self-Awareness Building, Empathy, Stress Management, and Emotion Handling. The Basic IT Skill program will have a duration of 4 hours and will include Computer Fundamentals, Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, etc. The Resume program will have a duration of 4 hours and will cover Writing Resumes, Resume Styles, Writing Cover Letters, and Job Posting Responses. The Career Counseling program will have a duration of 2 hours and will include job searching and application, career options, etc.

Regarding the launch of the Job Readiness Program, Mr. S. Boral, Director & CEO of CALNESTOR Knowledge Solutions, stated, “Using a multi-layered employability assessment, CALNESTOR identifies the potential industry readiness of job seekers. We have curated the best resources and the sharpest, most experienced instructors to prepare students in the Job Readiness Program based on information gathered over the course of preparing hundreds of aspiring candidates to make them job ready. Students will not only benefit from the program in terms of landing their dream job but also learn strategies to succeed in their chosen field. “

The sessions will be led by IIT-IIM alumni and eminent professionals such as Ranjan Kumar Majumder, Managing Director, Constellation Training & Placement Services, Business & IT Consultant, Prof. (Dr.) Naveen Das, Pro Vice Chancellor of Adamas University, Ms. Alakananda Rao, Founder, Director, and CEO of Alvaro Systems, certified PMP, Fellow of the Computer Society of India, Mr. Agnimitra Biswas technology and management consultant, professor of Management Sciences, Project Director (SMILE) , Mr. Rahul Bose Corporate Trainer to Public and Private Sector Companies, faculty at B. Schools, Santi Ranjan Saha visiting faculty at Business & Management Schools and Shivaji Gupta Roy, visiting faculty at Business & Management Schools. Enrollment for the program will start in November 2022.