Clientron Presents the Right POS System for Store Service Technician Certification Exam

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Xizhi, Taiwan, January 09, 2023 –(– Clientron provided a suitable POS system – PT2000 to the career skill center for the certification exam of Store Service Technician. The store service technician certification is a certification to prove that the people who want to engage in the store service industry have various administrative management capabilities in-store operations, including cashier and storage management. And it makes sure the candidates are sufficient to take on the tasks. Therefore, the career skill center needs to simulate the store’s daily operation to test the examinees’ actual operating skills.

With 40 years of rich experience in engineering development and technical services, Clientron presents the PT2000 POS system, which meets the needs of the career skill center with its stable system and easy maintenance features. By adopting PT2000 in their exams, the career skill center can now rest assured that each exam can be successfully completed and the system will not crash.

Challenge for the Career Skill Center

The old POS system is prone to crash in the exam, which is the primary problem of the career skill center, so they need to find a new POS system to simulate various real retail store environments in the exam. For the testing of candidates, the POS system shall be equipped with a customer display for the proctor to confirm that the candidate is operating the POS system correctly. In addition, in order to test in different retail business scenarios, the career skill center needs an easy-to-maintain POS system to switch the hard disk storage of different computing programs. And the career skill center was designed to certify store service technicians for their careers, not for commercial, so they needed an affordable POS system.

Features of PT2000 for the skill center

The economical POS system PT2000 with a 15” bezel-free touch display is easy to operate, and has all the features that meet the requirements of the career skill center.

Hardware stability

PT2000 is equipped with Intel® Celeron® Bay Trail Quad-Core processor J1900, which guarantees the simulated store operating system runs smoothly on the PT2000. Also, the fanless design and IP64 dust & water protection enhance the stability of the whole terminal.

Customer display

The 9.7” customer display can be mounted perfectly on the back of the PT2000 terminal with no exposed wires and provides a clear view for the proctor to monitor the test.

Easy maintenance

The PT2000 is designed with a 2.5” HDD tray for easy access, which is a big plus for the skill center. This design allows users to replace the hard drive storage without disassembling the entire POS terminal. The skill center can easily replace storage and switch to different business systems for testing.

Choosing Clientron PT2000

A POS system manufacturer with its own design boards and production capabilities can have so many benefits for your business. In Taiwan, Clientron is one of the few POS manufacturers with SMT line production motherboards. Therefore, Clientron can control the manufacturing quality better, reduce the production cost, and provide competitive prices and better-customized service to customers.

Clientron has expertise in designing POS systems for various applications. Again proven in this case, we provide the right POS system PT2000 that fulfilled the specific needs of the career skill center to test the candidates’ fundamental career skills.

Last but not least, PT2000 is also fit for teaching students in vocational schools or educational centers. For more information about the PT2000 POS system, please visit Clientron’s official website