CuriousJr takes an initiative on National Startup Day by organising the India’s Young Innovators Program


New Delhi, January 18, 2022: CuriousJr, a Gurugam based online coding platform for kids, empowers young minds to learn coding on mobile.CuriousJr envisions empowering young minds with their entrepreneur ideas and help them to take one step ahead of their goals. Following the announcement by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, that January 16th will be designated as National Startup Day, CuriousJr hopes to contribute to the startup culture by supporting India’s future innovator projects. CuriousJr plans to provide mentorship to the young, budding entrepreneurial minds of the country. This programme started on January 16th and will continue till January 23rd.

Co-founded by Amit Shekhar, Janishar Ali, and Mridul Ranjan Sahu, all graduates and friends from IIT-BHU. The online platform is mobile-first, focused on students between 8 and 17 years of age, and vernacular-based. The platform helps students learn to code with the help of bite-sized content, test their knowledge in a practice arena, and publish their creations on the CuriousJr app store, which they can then share with friends, family, and the larger community.

India’s Young Innovator programme will provide mentorship and support to our selected young innovators so that they can learn and grow their startup ideas in the best possible way. Students can be a part of this programme by following a few simple steps that are given as guidelines:

Ideas should be related to computer technology (building mobile apps, websites, etc.).

Participants should have basic knowledge of the technology they want to develop.

Participants should have basic knowledge of coding.

The problem statement should solve real life problems.

Class 6-12 students can apply.

The last day to submit the idea is January 23rd.

Mridul Ranjan Sahu says, “Over the last several years, one of the major issues that has persisted is the employment of young people. This is because children and young minds are losing their originality and hunger to be ideators and leaders. Can we do something to provide kids with the right environment that encourages creativity and isn’t limited? We at cj understand that creativity, curiosity, and an entrepreneurial mindset need to be nurtured at a very young age. This initiative will give the brightest young minds a platform to ideate, share, and get mentored, thereby preserving themselves in the state of instinct”.

Coding is one of the essential skills required to excel in the 21st century. Introducing coding and enhancing exposure to technology at a young age will give children a path to a new world of innovation and creativity. India’s Young Innovator programme will help young minds think and ideate various ideas for starting their own ventures. This programme will also boost their confidence and help them choose the right track towards achieving their goals.

Amit Shekhar stated, “Promoting entrepreneurship is a critical component of ensuring national and regional economic growth. Entrepreneurship among young people has the potential to directly motivate them while also favourably influencing the generations and communities in which they function. ”

This can be a life-changing experience for kids; that is why we urge students to participate in India’s Young Innovators program. So, let’s come together and join hands with CuriousJr on the occasion of the 1st National Startup Day and be a part of the moment that will ensure these young minds are the budding leaders of the modern world.