“Daan Utsav”- an Initiative by BBIT Public School’s Students to Spread Happiness amongst underprivileged children

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Kolkata, 2nd November 2021: Diwali is the festival of light and spreading Joy, in order to reach out to the children who are not as blessed as others, the students of BBIT Public School have come forward to initiate this drive called “Daan Utsav”. To bring a smile to their faces the student council of BBIT Public School and the community outreach club of the school has visited these children and families to distribute gifts and sweets for the festive season amongst 100 children with Mr. K.K Gupta, Vice Chairman, BBIT Public School & Dr. Munmun Nath, Principal, BBIT Public School along with other salient members of the school at Nangi station basti near Budge Budge today.

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Students have collected money to buy blankets and sweets for children who are not so fortunate. They have also collected clothes which are in good condition but the students have outgrown them, students have also given their toys and teddy bears for children who may want them. All the items have been washed and sanitized properly before distribution. The main objective of “Daan Utsav” was to ensure that everyone can afford to have the same joy during this festive season with a smile on their faces.

Addressing the Media Mr. K.K Gupta, Vice Chairman, BBIT Public School said, “Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting leaving a lasting impression of kindness and gratitude forever within. I am extremely glad that our students have come forward for such an initiative. As much as we are supporting them we are also encouraging them for taking such huge steps at this early stage of their life. This is a proud moment for BBIT Public school.”

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Talking about the initiative, Dr. Munmun Nath, Principal, BBIT Public School, said, “Never stop doing little things for others, sometimes these little things occupy the biggest portion of their heart. When we help others it should not be done with the thought of getting something in return. Our kindness must be our permanent quality. As a principal of the school I am overwhelmed to see these students doing such noble work for the society, especially for children like them who are less privileged to afford such happiness.”

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