FLAME University’s Department of Human Resource Management hosts an HR Symposium on The Generation Z Workforce

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FLAME University’s Department of Human Resource Management hosts an HR Symposium on The Generation Z Workforce

Pune, April 14, 2023: The Department of Human Resource Management at FLAME University recently hosted a successful HR Symposium. As the first wave of Generation Z enters the workforce, businesses are experiencing a significant shift in the profile of their employees. The unique personality traits, values, and motivations of this generation are forcing organizations to re-evaluate their talent development and engagement processes to effectively utilize and retain these workers. Additionally, the rapid evolution of technology, including digital transformation, analytics, and artificial intelligence, is driving organizations to adopt new methods of enhancing performance and maintaining competitiveness.

To explore these topics, FLAME University hosted a symposium that featured expert speakers in the fields of organizational development and human resources. The symposium provided attendees with insights into the opportunities and challenges posed by Generation Z in the workforce, the competencies required for these employees to thrive in an organization, and best practices for effectively working with them. The symposium was interactive, with the incorporation of presentations and discussions that facilitated knowledge-sharing and generated innovative ideas for effectively managing and engaging the Generation Z workforce.

The speakers shared important insights about the opportunities and challenges faced by the Generation Z workforce, the competencies needed to thrive in present-day organizations, and best practices to integrate Generation Z into the organizational culture. The event featured two distinguished speakers: Priya Kandoth, Head of People and Organization Development, Bridgestone India, and Amit Chuttar, Interim Management and Transformation Professional, Red Beryl Advisors LLP.

“The entrance of Generation Z into the workforce represents a major shift in the dynamics of our workplaces,” said Priya Kandoth, keynote speaker at the symposium. “Their unique characteristics, such as their comfort with technology and desire for purpose-driven work, require organizations to adapt their approaches to talent development and engagement.”

She also highlighted the importance of creating a conducive work environment for the Generation Z workforce, the need to adopt innovative HR practices, and her vision for retaining the new generations through open dialogue and communication.

“As organizations continue to grapple with the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving workforce, it’s critical to stay up-to-date on the latest research and best human resource practices,” said Amit Chuttar, the keynote speaker of the symposium.

He also shared his experience of working with the Generation Z workforce across different industries. He highlighted the importance of creating a learning culture that engages and motivates Generation Z employees.

The symposium concluded with a Q&A session, where the attendees got an opportunity to interact with the speakers and have their queries answered.